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PNG's Buimo Prison to install CCTV

 BUIMO Prison in Morobe, Papua New Guinea  will be the first jail in the country to have a closed-circuit TV installed, according to jail commander Chief Supt Michael Undia.

The assistance by the Lae Chinese community to have it installed is greatly appreciated, Undia said.

PNG's Buimo Prison to install CCTV
PNG's Buimo Prison to install CCTV

He said CCTV development was a pilot project by Correctional Services, but was not funded by the institution.

It was an initiative by previous jail commander Judy Tara with her management that had a good relationship with the business houses in the city.

“The Chinese community had the heart to assist us with the CCTV and it will benefit us all here in Buimo,” Undia said.

“When this has been establish, the CS hierarchy will speak well of it, that this is a good initiative and will develop it as pilot project and the success outcome of it will be rolled out to other prisons.

“CCTV is a modern technology and with a changing world with such equipment, we need it to monitor our prison.

“Well established prisons in the world has closed-circuit TV and scanners.

“The scanner is similar to the one used at airport terminals, but we’ll not be working on scanners now.

“It’s very helpful in a big way and anything that the detainees are doing in the compound are monitored and would request our high hierarchy to make a submission to the National Government to help us with such equipment.

“Having this closed-circuit TV in place will help improve our officers’ performances and productivity in their work, especially punctuality and attendance.”


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