RH Hypermarket Shop offers online services in PNG

 RH Hypermarket in PNG  is the first online shop to offer BSP’s new payment service – BSP Pay, according to the bank.

RH Hypermarket has been providing retail and wholesale products to customers in Port Moresby and Lae since 1992.

RH online shopping
RH online shopping 

RH Hypermarket further extended their reach and convenience to customers by offering online grocery shopping.

RH Hypermarket recognised the importance of customer convenience and offered BSP Pay, the recently launched non-card online payment service that would allow 1.2 million BSP account holders in the market to shop online. Taking advantage of expanding customer reach, BSP said this was the first large retailer to offer an online shopping experience.

“At RH Hypermarket, we understand our customers,” RH Trading Ltd general-manager William Ling said.

“We always aim to provide quality products and services that are affordable and convenient.

“RH Hypermarket is pleased to launch the BSP Pay service on our website, adding value to grocery shopping.” Customers can go to www.rhtradingpng.com, create an account, shop, pay and pick up at the store or select delivery.

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