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Australian man Charged for Cyber Bullying and Harassment of a Female employee of PNG Air

 A FEMALE employee of PNG Air has reported a cyber harassment case against an Australian man who she claimed used defamatory and vulgar language against her.

Cyber Bullying and Harassment
Australian man Charged for Cyber Bullying and Harassment  of a Female employee of  PNG Air 

The 73-year-old from Queensland failed to appear before Magistrate Danny Wakikura in the Waigani Committal Court yesterday and had his case adjourned to Wednesday.

According to police, the man allegedly sent emails to the complainant containing abusive and derogatory language.

On June 17, at 7.50am, while at work, the woman used her work email to send a message to the man asking him to provide an update on the office’s Wi-Fi.

He did not respond until 7.42pm the same day saying: “Yes, of course, shove it as far as it will go and pass that on to any other bucktooth idiot.”

At 8am the next day, the general manager informed her that his staff were not being isolated.

“So at 8:15am, she sent another email raising concern on why the staff were not being isolated.

The man then responded concerning the staff isolation.

Then later at 2:18pm, he allegedly started swearing on his emails.

He allegedly sent the following: “The hardest part of my job is having to deal with half smart poorly educated idiots that have the effrontery to tell me how to run my businesses and I’m sick of repeating myself to half smart poorly educated coons.”

He also allegedly sent another email stating: “For your information, there has never been a third world coon country that has risen above that third world status and there never will be.”

The matter was reported to the cybercrime section at the 7-Mile Police Station in Port Moresby.

The man was taken in for questioning and later charged with four counts of cyber harassment.

He will appear in court on Wednesday.

Statement/The Nationa / PNGehow

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