Cybersecurity Experts Meet To Chart Way Forward For PNG’s Whole of Government Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Experts Meet to Chart Way Forward for PNG’s Whole of Government Cybersecurity Solutions

In a workshop held today, cybersecurity experts, both local and overseas met to discuss the way forward in addressing the rapidly rising cybersecurity threats in PNG.

In a statement released, the Department of ICT highlighted the urgent need for a collaborative effort to address the growing risks

“The cybersecurity threats are growing rapidly in Papua New Guinea and the Pacific region as internet connectivity improves, allowing more individuals, systems, and processes to be moved online.

“The Pacific region is highly exposed to a range of cyber threats, spanning from email fraud, ransomware, and card skimming to cyberbullying and child pornography.

“In Papua New Guinea, there is an urgent need to address the rapidly growing cybersecurity risks” the Department stated.

The Department says that the recently passed Digital Government Act 2022, provides the legal framework for the Department of ICT and National Cyber Security Center (NCSC) to work together with relevant stakeholders to contribute to providing whole of government cyber solutions for the country (PNG).

The Cyber Security Centre Workshop held today was attended by representatives from DFAT Cyber Branch, DICT, NICTA, WithYouWithMe, PMNEC, and ESIP with discussions focused on key cyber topics including international threats, National Cyber Security Operations Centre (NCSC) updates, cyber policies, and procedures in place, CSOC plans, and stressed the importance of engagement and awareness training of employees.

Statement. Picture Credit: PNG Department of Information and Communications Technology

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