New Telekom Foneshop opens in Auki in Solomon Islands

 Solomon Telekom Company Limited  has opened  new Foneshop  in the Malaita Provincial capital of Auki.

The grand opening of the new Auki Foneshop  on Friday at  1:30pm.

The new Foneshop comes with a new office that  looks after the operational affairs of the Malaita region for Solomon Telekom Company Limited.

The new office and Foneshop is located within the new Telekom building in Auki.

Solomon Telekom Company Limited representatives and stakeholders in Malaita province are expected to attend the grand opening today.

In a statement this week, Our Telekom said the Foneshop is part of the company’s ongoing venture to ensure all segments of its customers can fully experience, access and benefit from quality, reliable customer service.

“Providing an immersed customer experience is vital for brand exposure to ensure our customers in Auki can enjoy the same outlet presentation in our Foneshop in Honiara.”

Compared to other provincial Foneshops, the Auki branch is a flagship Foneshop, it added.

“It features a live, interactive mobile display with high brand visibility allowing customers to handle and try out the mobile handsets, giving them a unique in-store experience that is fun yet informative in aiding them with their purchase.

“An additional service exclusive to the Auki Foneshop is its internet cafĂ©. Customers can now experience fast broadband internet via fixed or wireless access.”

Our Telekom will be unveiling the new Foneshop in Auki , in the presence of Provincial leaders and delegates along with a team from Our Telekom led by the CEO, Christina Lasanqa.

Solomon Star/ Tech Pacific

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