Kina Bank in PNG set to launch online system for customers

 KINA Bank  in Papua New Guinea is set to launch its new online banking and superannuation tool, according to the bank.

The bank in a statement yesterday noted that Single View was a free digital tool for Kina Personal Online Banking customers.

It is set to be a digital game changer that would help customers keep an eye on their financial big picture.

Kina Bank Single View will give customers the ability to link participating superannuation accounts to their Kina Bank Personal Online Banking profile.

Customers can then view their current superannuation balance alongside their banking products in a single view.

The bank worked with PNG’s major superannuation funds, including Nasfund and Comrade Trustee Services, to develop the Single View platform.

Kina Bank chief transformation officer Ivan Vidovich said the newly developed functionality was fantastic for customers.

“It offers an at-a-glance view of not just their current savings and card balances, but also their long-term financial position,” he said.

Vidovich added that the bank had a strategy of creating digital firsts for its customers and helping them unlock more value when they banked with them.

“Single View is a first for PNG,” he said.

“Being able to see all your balances in one place is a simple but important starting point for making good financial decisions.

“And, it’s just the first of several developments that will bring the convenience of everyday banking and superannuation closer together.”

According to the bank, it is making online banking and money management easier, which can only lead to growing prosperity for people all over PNG.

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