Papua New Guinea urged to invest in Cyber Security

 THERE is a cyber war taking place now and organisations in Papua New Guinea must start investing in cyber security to protect their data from hackers, an expert says.

Forcepoint (New Zealand and Pacific Islands) senior security consultant Claude Chiorean said in a cyber security workshop in Port Moresby yesterday that the hacker wanted to make money.

Forcepoint is a partner with Digitec that offers cloud services.

“Hackers want to steal your data, information, they want to hold you for ransom,” he said.

“Hacking is a business, hackers are not just hiding somewhere in a basement and working on their computers and trying to do some things.

“Now they are a business and organisation that are actually running very profitable operations in the hacking community.

“It is really a big problem.

“It is a cyber war out there at the moment.”

Chiorean said cyber security had evolved over the years.

“Many months and years ago, the discussion was about your anti-virus.

“Is it up to date? That was the cyber security 10 years ago.

“It was very simple.

“If you have an anti-virus, then you are checked.

“Now, it is much more complex than that, with that much complexity, costs will go up and the management of these resolutions for cyber security is complex.

“So now we try to look at it from a different angle.

“We have to simplify this, and apply the simplification and consolidation in cyber security world, and we bring all these technologies that we have into one simple platform.

“The infrastructure in PNG is better.

“It is growing.

“I can see a lot of development, evolutions. A lot of organisations here they still have a lot of old, traditional infrastructure, managing everything in their own data centres, and they want to evolve from that and go into the cloud.

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