How to Pay PNG University of Technology Fees using Mobile Phone Banking

 Students who are going to study at the Papua New Guinea University of Technology can pay for  their fees using mobile Phone Banking. 

The service is only available to local students. International students who are going to study at PNG Unitech can pay their fees using other means provided by the university.

Now you do not have to wait  or join the long queues on the banks to make your fee deposits. 

You can simply use your mobile phone and pay your fees.  Make sure you are using phone banking to proceed to the steps below to pay PNG UNITECH fees.

Steps to pay Unitech fees using Mobile Banking 

  1. Dial *131# on your phone
  2. Reply 4 for payment
  3. Reply 3 for School Fee Payment
  4. Reply 1 for New School 
  5. Enter School Code 50180 (this is the code for Unitech)
  6. Enter payment details  (Student Name, Grade, Class, Course)
  7. Enter the amount
  8. Select preference for e-receipt
  9. Enter school Mobile Number : 70480435
  10. SMS notification will be sent to your mobile number with the e-receipt  

Disclaimer : The information contained on this page has been sourced through a third party and the data has been used for illustration purposes only. This  data is approximate in nature and subject to change. Please confirm any information with  the university or the bank.

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