New Caledonia to Host the Next Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue in 2025

In a groundbreaking announcement, the New Caledonian Minister for Digital Transformation, Technological Innovation, and Relations with French Territories in the Pacific, Hon. Vaimu’a Muliava, has revealed that New Caledonia will host the second Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue in 2025.

The decision was made during the conclusion of the Inaugural Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue 2023, where Minister Muliava expressed his passion for digital transformation and his commitment to fostering unity in the Pacific region.

Minister Muliava's announcement did not come as a surprise, given his active involvement in regional discussions on digital transformation.

Having attended the Pacific ICT Heads of Agency Dialogue at Kokopo earlier this year, Minister Muliava showcased his dedication to the advancement of information and communication technologies in the Pacific.

His devotion to the cause was evident when he volunteered to host the next Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue.

The Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue is a significant initiative aimed at promoting collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and the development of ICT policies across the Pacific region.

Chaired by the PNG Minister of ICT, the Inaugural Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue 2023 provided a platform for ICT ministers from various Pacific nations to discuss pressing digital challenges and opportunities.

Minister Masiu, who chaired the event, emphasized the importance of determining the host country for the upcoming dialogue.

“If any country wishes to host our next Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue, now is the time to step forward," Minister Masiu announced during the closing remarks.

Without hesitation, Hon. Vaimu’a Muliava raised his hand, symbolizing New Caledonia's willingness to take on the responsibility.

“I will host the next Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue. I will wait for the Lagatoi to sail to New Caledonia in 2025," Minister Muliava proudly declared, showcasing his anticipation for the event.

This decision reflects New Caledonia's commitment to embracing technological innovation and creating a stronger, more interconnected Pacific region through enhanced digital cooperation.

The forthcoming Pacific ICT Ministers’ Dialogue in New Caledonia is expected to facilitate in-depth discussions on the implementation of the lagatoi declaration, digital strategies, that can further drive the Pacific nations forward in the digital era.

With Minister Muliava's strong leadership and passion, along with the support of Papua New Guinea as well as the other Pacific Island Countries, the dialogue is poised to leave a lasting impact on the region's technological landscape, harnessing its power for the collective benefit of Pacific nations.

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