PNG Technology Minister wants Copyright System

 THE absence of a formal copyright system in Papua New Guinea for the last 21 years remains a problem, says Information and Communications Technology Minister Timothy Masiu.

“I stand in solidarity with PNG’s talented composers, lyricists, record companies and recording artists who are advocating for copyright recognition and fair compensation,” he said.

He said many artists sought support from outside copyright organisations such as the Australasian Performing Rights Association Limited (APRA).

“Their collaboration with APRA and other entities highlights their commitment to protecting their intellectual property rights.”

Masui said technology, especially the internet and mobile platforms, had transformed the music industry.

“These changes bring both opportunities and challenges that necessitate a proactive approach to copyright protection and advocacy.

“I also recognize that copyright revenue administration has been revolutionised by technology to a point that content streaming platforms like Spotify and iTunes already have in-built copyright distribution models that operate like mini APRAs.

“It may mean that streaming platforms are competing with organisations like APRA and that there are now different opportunities for copyright owners to generate revenue.”

Masiu said the Government must review its copyright and neighbouring rights policy.

“The post-independence journey towards securing copyright recognition and fair compensation saw progress with the enactment of the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act in 2002.

“This legislation grants essential rights to copyright owners, acknowledging their economic and moral rights,” he said. He plans to discuss the matters with the Commerce and Industry Minister.

“I also call upon the Intellectual Property Office of PNG to review the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights Act 2000.

“The proposed draft Bill to amend the Act, including draft regulations, is a crucial step towards aligning our copyright laws with the needs of our artists and creators, giving them full protection under the law,” Masiu said.


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