Students in PNG advised against using mobile phones

Papua New Guinea  CHIEF censor Jim Abani says it is dangerous for students to own a smart phone because everything will be at their fingertips when they have one.

Abani said this during the graduation of the Institute of Christian Academy (ICA) in Port Moresby on Friday.

He said technology changes had brought information to the doorsteps where it contributed to one’s knowledge if the content disseminated was appropriate.

He challenged graduating students to use their phones wisely.

“Do not abuse technology,” he said.

“Use it with good morals and values that were taught to you.

“And do not take things for granted by deviating yourself from becoming useful to the community.”

He said students don’t have time to chat and do house chores when they were holding onto their phones.

He added that students have a vision and they can achieve the vision only if they discipline themselves.

“Set your priorities right so you can turn your vision into reality,” he said.

Abani thanked ICA for taking the burden off the government’s shoulder by enrolling students at its private school.

“Most public schools could not cater for the overpopulated youths and I thank you ICA for reducing some of the government’s burden,” he said.

A total of 64 students graduated with certificates after completing their grades eight, 10 and 12.

Of the 64 graduates, 38 were grade eight students, 18 were grade 10 and 10 were grade 12 students.

ICA director Tobias Nangunduo explained that the school had so far graduated 12 lots of Grade Eights, nine lots of Grade 10s and four lots of Grade 12s this year.

Nangunduo also said that ICA hosted two groups of students.

“We have the national curriculum students and the ICA curriculum students,” he said.

“National curriculum students are from grades seven to 12 while ICA curriculum students are from kinder garden up to Grade 12.”

He said national curriculum students would be moved to the newly constructed double-classroom by January once they complete the building.

He said that the school had produced two students that had secure spots at the University of Papua New Guinea and International Training Institute last year.

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