PNG DICT Introduces new standards to guide use of digital technology in service delivery

The Papua New Guinea Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) has concluded a three-day internal workshop, held from 27 – 29 October 2023, with a focus on finalizing eight new draft digital government standards.

These standards are aimed at shaping the efficient design and delivery of digital services to citizens and businesses.

The ICT sector of PNG is moving at a faster pace and further defined to be a key driver in the country’s economy, thus it is essential to establish guidelines that facilitate the effective use of technology for the delivery of government services.

These standards are designed to ensure simplicity, clarity, reliability, and trustworthiness for both citizens and businesses.

As outlined by Manager for Digital Government Standards, Mr Benedict Sike, the workshop concentrated on eight key drafts digital standards: Digital ID standards, Social media standards, Government Cloud standards, Data Centre standards, Data Standards, Internet service provider services standards (ISP), E-Payment standards, and Digital Transformation Officer (DTO) Standards and guidelines.

“The Digital Government Act 2022 gives power to the Department to create standards that are essential in guiding the effective and efficient use of technology to implement the DGA 2022 and deliver digital services to businesses and citizens,” Mr Sike said.

“We want all of Government to have uniformity in their outline so Information is set clear and structure is fluent across all platforms.

“It will also provide directions for the DTOs to implement the Digital Government Act 2022, and ensure service delivery to businesses and citizens,” he added.

One of the key standards being developed is the Digital ID Standards which will guide citizens to get their unique ID to access the e-gov portal to access digital services such as Police Clearance.

The finalized drafts will undergo review by the Senior Management Team (SMT).

Following this, a public consultation to collect feedback from stakeholders, ensuring that the standards are tailored to facilitate the delivery of digital services to government agencies, businesses, and most importantly, the citizens.

PNG’s ICT progress is set to move forward with a simple, clear and reliable framework for digital government services.


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