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How to activate Worldwide Targeting on Facebook ads (resolved)

For this technology tip, we are going to highlight a simply step to activate a Worldwide Targeting on Facebook ads. If you are running a facebook ad and if it is not restricted to a particular location, city, country or region, you may want to follow the simple steps below to active a worldwide targeting. 

1. Go to Ads Manager in your facebook account. 

2. Click edit. 

3. cross over to the ad target location setting (see screen shot below)

4. In here, facebook does not recognize the word  'worldwide' if you enter it on the location dialogue box but you can activate it. Simply click on the 'Browse'

5. After you click on browse, you will have two options (see screen shot below)  i. Country  ii. Region. Select the country by checking the radio button or click the select all. This will activate worldwide targeting. 
 If  you want to target a particular regions, simply select the region.  see screen shot below. 

6. Click Save to activate your ad and it should deliver worldwide. 

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