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Cost of Internet in Papua New Guinea to fall

Cost of Internet in Papua New Guinea is expected to fall in the coming months, says an IT expert.

PNG Internet Exchange President Keith Anderson made this comment in Port Moresby at the launching of the PNG Neutral Exchange Point (PNGIX) facility to commemorate the World Telecommunication and Information Day today.

PNGIX facility is located at the National Information and Communications Technology Authority premises.

It will be a common hub where all Internet Services Providers (ISP) will use to send data via internet.

“From in the past, say an email sent from (ISP 1) to (another ISP 2), ISP 1 will send it on its satellite services, it will land in Australia, than it has to come into the sea cables (back to the country), and come back to the ISP 2 network,” Anderson told Loop PNG.

 “The email is delayed and slowed, with the IXP it’s a direct in-country connection, and what happens is, it goes to one provider to another passing through the (local) internet exchange point.

“It reduces lateness for email and website, and lowering the cost, we are not paying for the satellite fees out of the country, and another company to buy it and bring it into the country.

“In the future we will see big players come on-board like the Google (and others), and they will put their services on that IXP.

“Which mean, when you go to the internet, you are not pulling stuff from America, if you want to watch Youtube you will be watching the content sitting right here in PNG.

“It will lower the cost of internet of the end user, it will be put less burdens on the satellite which at the end of the day will lower the price of internet into the country,” Anderson said.

 The five ISP providers already connected to PNGIX are; Digicel, Datec, B-Mobile, Digitec and Speed Cast.  LoopPNG
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