Carr Memorial Adventist School receives Laptops, Projectors

CARR Memorial Adventist Primary School in Port Moresby has  received 10 laptops, projectors and PowerPoint screens from Dove Electronics.

School Principal Nida Bland this is a great blessing to the school and the equipment will be put to good use.
“With support such as this we would go on to include other grades in the E-learning programme.”
Bland said the e-learning programme started last year and they were committed to making it better.
She said the school is a big school and with e-learning a lot can be achieved.
She said if they run out of text books students can just go online and do research.
In a world that is computerised learning about it and through it as early as possible will help the students down the road.
That would also help the students to be well prepared to learn as they move on.
“The Government has a vision for all schools to be computer literate and we are determined to be one of those schools,” Bland said.
The school has a computer lab with 50 computers that grades 7 and 8 students were using for their computing classes.
She said the computers donated would help improve learning standard for the school.
“We want the best for our students and these computers would help us give the best that we can to our students,” she said.
Carr Memorial was the first Adventist school in Central and the National Capital District to embark on E-learning, said education director for Central Papua Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church Dorcas Kuma.
Kuma thanked the firm for helping the school
Carr Memorial School has 30 primary school teachers with 1287 primary students and 9 elementary teachers with 431 elementary students.

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