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PNG Higher Education Moving into Digital Age

The Papua New Guinea  higher education sector is now moving into the digital age, says Secretary for Higher Education Research Science and Technology Fr Jan Czuba said.
Czuba, at the Leaders’ Summit yesterday, said the introduction and implementation of digital education and digital administration was the biggest achievement for the department and higher education.
He said digital education was the solution to problems like the lack of text books and research material in tertiary institutions.
Czuba, who digitalised Divine Word University in his term as president, is now spearheading the higher education move into digital technology.
He said all the institutions in the country would be put on the server (PNG Server Uni 10 Network), with the cloud to be based in Singapore.
Czuba said Western Pacific University, which is under construction, in Ialibu, Southern Highlands, would be unique and modern.
All teaching, learning and research will be conducted online.
Czuba said another achievement was online selection, which allowed 26,780 students throughout Papua New Guinea to access the selection website using their mobile phones.
He said the department had performed extremely well in achieving its targets.
Czuba said enrolments had increased with more:

  • Grade 12 students progressing into higher education;
  • More infrastructure development creating more space;
  • Accreditation and registration of new institutions;
  • Rooms for students;
  • Accreditation of new academic programmes; and,
  • Scholarships given to students.

He said by 2020, the sectors’ enrolment would have exceeded the target of 25,000.
Czuba said from 2015-2018, the sector reached the target of 12,000 students.
He said other developments and transformations had taken place.
Czuba said the Government had spent a lot on higher education, like it had done in the lower sectors.
He said the Government had doubled funding for the tertiary education scholarship assistance scheme.

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