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New Banking App for Bank South Pacific

Papua New Guinea based Bank South Pacific takes the lead in improving the way it delivers basic banking services through the roll out and delivery of the BSP all aboard app.

The all new all aboard app, which is loaded on a new point of sale device called the Axium Device, now allows for BSP accounts to be open at practically any location where there is reliable data connection via a hand held tablet device.

BSP Group CEO Robin Fleming highlighted this improvement during the announcement of the third quarter financial results in Port Moresby, last week.

Mr Fleming said; “Bank South Pacific (BSP) customers in PNG will now be able to open Kundu accounts in less than 10 minutes, with instant issuance of a pre generated Kundu Card and the ability to register for Mobile Banking.

“BSP has been in the forefront in ensuring that everyday customers have the accessibility to basic banking services which is an important part of a growing economy like Papua New Guinea’s.”

Additionally, the Group CEO announced the new range of Electronic Funds Transfer Point of Sale (EFTPoS) devices being rolled out to all provinces to improve payments via the Kundu and Visa cards.

There about 118 new EFTPOS in the country now for distribution while 150 are to arrive by the end of November for a full rollout.

BSP remains the leading bank in providing the full range of EFTPoS coverage across PNG.

The Axium device combines the benefits of account opening processes and support secure cashless payments which will enhance customers experience and gives a fresh impetus to inclusion of customers facing accessibility challenges in the rural areas.

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