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Port Moresby Youths undergo Social Media Training

20 youths from various suburbs and settlements in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea  have undergone a workshop on how to effectively use social media platforms.

It started on Thursday and ended on Friday 04, November 2019.

Trainer Dickson Sorariba, of ABC Radio’s Media Development Initiative, said the objective of the training was to empower them with social media skills, placing them on a platform where their voices can be heard.

The training was made possible under the partnership amongst MDI, the National Youth Authority, National Capital District Commission’s Media and Public Relations Division, and NCD Youth Desk.

Youth Coordinator Rex Buka said possession of android cell phones amongst the youths have taken toll on their life, enabling them to use social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

He added that they have posted things which could have attracted defamatory lawsuits or worse still, their posts lacked referencing or attribution to original owners.

Mr Buka said the two-day training was conducted to help them to be aware of legal issues and post contents that are attractive which can draw more audience.

He said over 100 youths have shown their interest to be trained so they will be slotted during the next couple of more similar trainings which will be conducted.

NCD Governor Powes Parkop’s Office, he said, will fund the proposed trainings in future.

Sharing similar sentiments, Media and PR Manager Wanpis Ako said the training would not only help them to voice their concerns on issues affecting them, but also the skills learnt can help them to market their products and work.

The use of social media, Mr Ako said, has boosted vibrancy of democracy in the country to the next level as it knows no boundaries.

One of the participants Allan John said he learnt many new things on how to use various social media platforms, adding he was very happy with the facilitators.

John is the Vice President of Moresby North-East Sports Foundation and an SME owner.

He said the skills they learnt would be useful in their daily activities.

“I am very happy with the training because I am mostly engaged in sports and SME activities.

Another participant Vanessa Periko, who leads Kaugure Youths and Women, said she also learnt about how to dress up their contents with graphics or good pictures before posting on Facebook to attack more audience.

She also commended the trainers and facilitators for the workshop.

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