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PNG Judge says, Freedom of Expression on Social Media Not Qualified Right

A Papua New Guinean  senior judge says the time has come for some control over the use of social media Facebook and people need to be reminded that while freedom of expression exist, it is not a qualified right.

PNG Judges Ambeng Kandakasi 

Deputy Chief Justice Ambeng Kandakasi says Facebook is outlawed in some places because of its careless and reckless use by faceless people using pen names while others say what they want to say even commenting on matters before the court.

He says while people exercise their freedom of expression, they are also infringing on the rights and freedom of others who can't defend themselves.

Justice Kandakasi says no one should be saying anything against anyone without facts and evidence.

He called on regulator NICTA and telecommunication companies as to why platforms like Facebook continue to publish false accusations that have no foundation or make comments and take things out of context.

He added matters before the court should not be commented on as court processes and orders must be respected.

Justice Kandakasi said otherwise, the judiciary might as well close and let Facebook judges become the judges of society.

He made these comments when presiding over the case between former prime minister Peter O'Neill and Police Minister Bryan Kramer.  FM 100 / PNGeHow

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