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Telikom PNG says Costumers will reap benefits through Submarine Internet Cable project

Telikom PNG Ltd is working with its customers to ensure benefits of the new communication infrastructures are transferred to them, chief executive officer Xavier Victor says.
“The Kumul submarine cable network (KSCN) is going to revolutionise the way we deliver services to our customers,” he said. Victor said delivering retail services in the country was very challenging.
“(It includes) mountain-top issues, weather conditions issues, environmental issues, security and landowner issues,” he said.
“Having a cable that runs underwater to come here and connect all our major hubs across the country is a game-changing thing for us.
“So we look forward to making good use of the cable and we want to pass on the benefits to the people.
“We have a good set of modern infrastructure that goes beyond Wewak into the Sepik plains and we still have the opportunity to expand.
“I’m talking to both fixed and mobile. We have a fixed business that Telikom looks after and we also have our mobile business, bmobile, who manages our 2G, 3G and 4G businesses.”

The National / PNGehow


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