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DATACO PNG Ltd provides Internet Data for Online learning in Universities

DataCo PNG Ltd under its partnership with the Department of Higher Education Research Science and Technology (DHERST) is currently providing data to all universities in the country for online studies during this SoE period due to COVID-19.

Managing Director Paul Komboi recently speaking during the launching of HELP, says education is a very important sector for the country’s economic development.

He says DataCo has been prioritizing education as well as health in terms of its corporate social responsibility in assisting the country's economic development.

Higher Education Secretary Professor Fr. Jan Czuba says DataCo is now a partner with DHERST in digitalization to create e-library learning environment for students.

And with the NEC decision approving the K8.8million investment in digitalization of the Higher Education Sector in the country, it will allow for existing service providers in PNG to undertake customized systems designed for the development and roll-out of the National Higher and Technical Education Management System and e-libraries, through the i-PNG Higher Education Sector initiative.

Fr. Jan says it should only take approximately 2 years to digitalize the higher education sector in the country.

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