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Pomio District to get 4G internet Connectivity through Digicel

PNG's POMIO District in  East New Britain, is set to experience 4G Internet connectivity with Digicel nearing completion of its network upgrade in the district.
Local MP Elias Kapavore said yesterday, in a press conference that the district was currently using
4G Digicel Internet 
the 2G network and an upgrade would improve communication and business in Pomio.
Kapavore said the switch would take place today or over the weekend.
“They have upgraded three of their towers for the last couple of weeks,” he said.
“I was there last week and saw them working.”
“They have confirmed that by this week, they will change to 4G.
“This is important because it will improve and provide good communication for us in Pomio.
“We have many activities now happening in the district, especially at Palmalmal station, and there was a need to upgrade that connectivity to 4G.” Kapavore called on the government to commit funds towards upgrading communication, especially in the rural areas.
He thanked the Minister for Information Communication Technology (ICT) Timothy Masiu for his intervention to have the Digicel network in Pomio upgraded to 4G.
“I communicated with him and I know he communicated with Digicel,” he said.
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