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High Speed Internet Cable lands in East New Britain

PNG DataCo Ltd, with its partners, landed the Kumul Submarine Cable (KSCN) in Kokopo, East New Britain, last Friday.
Receiving the fibre optic cable from PNG Dataco representatives, Governor Nakikus Konga, thanked PNG DataCo and its partners for building the cable and reaching his province.
PNG Dataco chief executive Paul Komboi said it was a proud moment for PNG Dataco and its contractors to land the cable in Kokopo.

Komboi said the province would become stakeholder to a massive infrastructure that is expected to transform telecommunication services in the country and open up opportunities for economic growth and development benefits including tourism.
He added that the people of East New Britain deserved better.
“You will get that modern service whether you are in a volcanic earthquake zone or not without discrimination in technology, pricing, capacity, quality, reliability and speed just like those living in Port Moresby are enjoying now.” KSCN is part of PNG DataCo’s broader objective to support the Government’s information and communications technology policy objectives by building, owning and operating a national broadband transmission network with point of presence and data centres to facilitate, stimulate and foster social and economic development in the country through increased access and availability at affordable prices for essential broadband communications services.
PNG DataCo believed that as the country was evolving in telecommunication infrastructure, and it must keep in pace with the trend in the world.
“It is vital for our country to adapt to newer technologies that will meet current and future requirements that are predominately information technology based,” Komboi said.
“Therefore, the KSCN is the platform to support future IT requirements.”
East New Britain was encouraged to embrace this new technology.  The National/PNGEhow


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