Do not expose all Bank Card Numbers : BSP

 Bank South Pacific (BSP) has issued warning to clients or its hard holders not to reveal or expose the numbers shown on the banking cards. This warning has been  issued after bank users  complained of money fraud and security issues.

  • Do not post  photographs on Social Media " Lost and Found '' bank cards. 
  • Do not reveal your card details to anyone including your (husband, wife, children , wantoks etc).
  • Do not reveal all the details of your card when communicating with Banking customer care representative over the counter, email or phone. 

The banks says, for any card query (Kundu Card, VISA card, SME VISA Card), please limit the amount of card details when communicating to the bank. As much as possible, do not expose the entire 16-digit card numbers and other sensitive information belonging to the cards. 

What Card details are allowed to share?

  • First 6 digists and last 4 digits only
  • ex. 4896xxxxxxxx3456

Do not Expose the following

  •  Full 16 digits
  • Expiry Dates
  • CVV (applicable to VISA card)

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