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Papua New Guinean develops fixed assets software

KUMULSOFT Fixed Assets Management is an integrated system software designed and developed especially for the Government to manage its fixed assets, chief executive officer Marsh Narewec (pictured) says.
Kumulsoft Ltd is a 100 per cent PNG-owned enterprise SME providing software and database solutions called the FAM.
The software is currently used by PNG Customs, East New Britain government, Western Highlands Health Authority and University of Goroka.
“All Government departments, institutions, agencies, districts development authorities and provincial governments need to use this software to prevent fraud, abuse, misuse and theft of Government properties,” Narewec said.
“This software will also directly address audit queries in Government departments and agencies and also improve decision-making in re-current expenditure planning.”
Kumulsoft Fixed Assets is three systems integrated together. These systems can be sold as one system or separately.
“Our operations in prior years were so challenging so we have made some strategic changes in our business plan and are now focused in developing our own software products,” he said.
“We have seen growth in business since then and are operating in a well setup office at Steamships Properties, Hohola, and employs four fulltime staff.
“We are planning to recruit more staff as we secure more clients.”
Fixed assets management is an accounting process that seeks to track fixed assets for the purposes of financial accounting, preventive maintenance, and theft deterrence.

How to connect to High Speed EVDO 3G Internet in PNG

Here is a way you can access High Speed internet through Telikom PNG's internet services. At the moment Telikom's EVDO 3G internet is reliable for high speed internet. Telikom is currently upgrading this service to  4G.

Simply purchase a EVDO modem at the Telikom PNG sales office. The modem is like a USB driver and be carried around.

How to connect.

  • Insert your EVDO modem in the USB ports on your computer. Your computer should recognised the modem and install the software that drives the modem. If it is not installing, simply, click My Computer > Telikom PNG drive> install
  • Launch the EVDO modem browser. Go to settings > create a user account by using the User Name and Password provided by Telikom PNG. 
  • Then click connect to access the internet. 

Below is a description on EVDO modem by Telikom PNG.  

Welcome to the world of convenience!

Being able to connect to the World Wide Web, friends, family or catch the latest breaking news or getting connected to your office while you are on the move was never easier than now.

You can now use Telikom's EVDO High Speed Internet service to surf the web in your car, at the airport, at home or you can even share the connection with multiple computers using a 3G router, just like you would with your LAN connection at home or office!

Telikom’s EVDO High Speed internet service has a range of MB plans to suit your personal and or business needs. Choose a EVDO MB plan that meets your business solution ranging from 500MB to 4000MB with affordable monthly fees and included MB rates as low as 11toea per MB.

You also have the option of using the EVDO High Speed Internet on the go. Just top up your rait data account and enjoy longer browsing hours and speeds in the comfort of your own home or office.


USB Wireless CDMA 1x EV-DO Rev.A 450MHz

Small and Fast USB wireless modem offers you wireless broadband connectivity anywhere and anytime.

3G High-Speed Wireless DATA
Backward compatible with 1xRTT, IS-95A/B
2 Multi-color LED indicators
Built-in high performance antenna
High Speed Wireless Data Rate Up to 3.1Mbps
What is EVDO? Just the Basics:

EV-DO - Evolution Data Optimized

Personal broadband wireless service for a wide range of customers, from business people to students
Always on - (wherever 3G capability is available)
Rides on CDMA signal- 1x data capability available where ever CDMA voice service is available
Up to 10 times the peak data rate of the next best public wireless solution.
Allows the user to be connected wherever they are not only for email, but for downloads, large files, photos, spreadsheets, or even watch your favourite video clips on You Tube.com etc.

Always on with seamless roaming!

Signal can travel on same cell sites as cell phones
Up to 3km - 5km cell site coverage.
Customers can access their corporate VPN (virtual private network) anywhere they can get a cellular signal via a secure, encrypted signal
Can download and run video clips in real time
Can provide service to customers outside of cable-modem or ADSL areas
Relatively low cost with high capacity - allows rich web browsing and application usage
Why should you take advantage of this service?

Reasons to use Telikom's EVDO High Speed Internet are limitless. Below are just a few all-purpose ways to use EVDO High Speed Internet:

Mobile applications: Cars, trucks, commercial vessels

Portable uses: transportable work teams, trade shows, conferences, conventions, vacations, emergency response setup
Fixed-location customers: Backup to cable broadband, dial-up alternative, satellite alternative
How does it work?

EVDO High Speed Internet works similarly to the way your Fixed Wireless Phone operates in that it relies on signal from a wireless tower rather than a physical connection like a phone line or cable. An EVDO 3G modem (often referred to as an "aircard" receives the signal and allows you to connect to the internet by connecting your aircard directly to your PC or note book. It's as simple as that!

WiMAX Wireless Internet Broadband

The cheapest Internet services in Papua New Guinea are provided by Telikom PNG.   Below is simple and cheapest way of accessing Internet in Papua New Guinea. If you are interested in setting up an internet services at your  office or home, you may want to go for WiMax Wireless internet Broad provided by Telikom PNG.

What is WiMax?


WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It is a telecommunications technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-multipoint links to portable and fully mobile interent access.

Benefits of WiMax

QUICK SETUP & ACTIVATION: WiMAX setup and activation is done on the fly. You don't have to wait for telephone running. As we test the signal at your location, if it's strong enough the activation can take about five minutes and you can access the internet.
QUALITY CONNECTION: using WiMAX, you can make a call, email, monitor your property, or browse the web at a very good quality.
CONVENIENCE: You can move around the CPE device and get the Internet access everywhere in your home or in the office. And you can subscribe only one connection for both office and home use!
NO WIRE REQUIRED: No wire, no telephone required! You really don't have to worry about having a telephone line.
ANY CONNECTION REQUIREMENT: You can use it for security, monitoring, site to site connection and many more.
Network Coverage

At present, WiMAX is available in Port Moresby, Lae, Madang, Kimbe and Kokopo. To be rolled out into other centres soon.

Who can use WiMAX?

WiMAX is most suitable for businesses, government offices, schools, for home users, individuals, or small offices. Also those who want to use Internet at home and in the office but want to subscribe only one connection. And for those who have no phone line at the location and/or live in rental apartments. Comes in various sizes for both outdoor and in door use.

How many PCs, Phones, devices can one use over one connection?

You can connect up to 30 devices, computers, laptops, security cameras etc
Can connect to Gateway Router for LAN usage

What you need to apply for WiMAX:

Ask for the service from any Telikom Business office  around the country.   Technician usually test the signal, if it's OK, you fill in the Application Form
You can then choose whatever Plans that suits you.

Available WiMAX Packages:

Telinet is offering this service in the following speed categories


What is Windows Registry and how to use it — everything explained

What is Windows Registry?

Windows Registry is often called the most mysterious tool on a Windows PC. If you know how to use it properly, it can prove to be a very powerful tool. The Windows Registry is basically a collection of databases of different configuration settings in Windows operating system.

According to official Microsoft Computer Dictionary, registry is:

A central hierarchical database used in Microsoft Windows 98, Windows CE, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 used to store information that is necessary to configure the system for one or more users, applications and hardware devices.

It’s basically a collection of nearly everything, from settings and preferences of your system to user passwords and user interface. It can also be thought as a kind of DNA for the Windows operating system.

It keeps the data that’s used by a Windows operating system while running. It mainly covers:

User profiles
Folder and program icons properties
Information about the used ports
Driver configuration
Information about installed programs
The Registry replaces the text-based .ini files that were used in Windows 3.x and MS-DOS configuration. These text files have been ditched for a faster and unified registry. If we compare different Windows operating systems, the Registry is common but there are some differences among them.

How to make changes to the Registry?

You can access your Windows Registry using the Registry Editor programregedit.exe. To launch this tool, you just need to hit Win+R, type regedit.exeand hit Enter.

Now you’ll be presented with a tree view of different keys on the left-hand side with their values on the right. This Registry Editor is the face of the registry that lets you makes changes. It contains different registry value that are located within registry values–all within different registry hives.

How to add new Registry Keys and Values:

After opening the Registry Editor, you need to locate the registry key that you want to add another key to. Now you can add a new registry key or a new registry value:

To create a new registry key, you need to right-click/tap-and-hold on it. You’ll see an option New > Key. Here, name the new key and press Enter.
To create a new registry value, you need to right-click/tap-and-hold on it. You’ll see an option New that would be followed by the type of value you wish to create. After naming the value, press Enter to confirm. Now, open the newly created value ad set its Value data.
How to edit Registry Keys and Values:

Please note that editing any existing Registry Key or value will cause an impact on your system. So, make any changes accordingly.

After opening the usual regedit.exe window, on the left-side of the Registry Editor, locate the registry key that you want to rename or edit. After doing so, you can make the following changes:

To rename a registry key, right-click/tap-and-hold on the key and chooseRename. After giving the registry key a new name, press Enter.
To rename a registry value, right-click/tap-and-hold on the key and chooseRename. After giving the registry value a new name, press Enter.
To make a change to a value’s data, right-click/tap-and-hold on the value and select Modify. Now, add a new Value data and press OK to confirm.
How to delete Registry Keys and Values:

Sometimes, you might need to delete an unwanted registry key or value that could’ve been added by some unwanted program. So, after making a proper backup, you have the option to delete Registry Keys and Values.

To do this, you need to open Registry Editor using the regedit command. Now from the left pane, locate the registry key/value that you want to delete. After doing so, right-click/tap-and-hold and choose Delete option. This will be followed by a confirmation dialogue that you need to accept and move on.

How to make a backup of Registry?

Before making any changes to the Registry, your are advised to export the key in that particular registry, or back up the whole registry. If a problem occurs during making some changes, you can restore those changes and bring it back to the original state. You are also advised to avoid substituting the Windows Registry of one version with the Registry of different Windows version.

One method to back up your registry is by simply making a System Restore point. Just search for System Restore option in your Settings option orWindows search box.

However, if you are making a little change and you need to backup a single portion of the registry, simply open regedit.exe. There, find the appropriate key, access the Export feature by right-clicking and save the complete section in text file format.

How to restore Windows Registry?

Just in case something goes wrong, restoring a particular registry key or value is very simple.

After opening the Registry Editor, you need to click File > Import. Here, in the Import Registry File box, look for the location where you have saved your backup. There, click to select the backup file and open it.

Should I clean Registry from time-to-time?

The big question is — whether a registry cleaner will speed up your PC and make it more quick and faster? Well, there isn’t an exact answer to this question.

It all depends on the effectiveness of the registry cleaner you opt to choose and the present condition of your registry. While I won’t recommend you to use a registry cleaner on a daily basis, it could prove to be useful in some cases. Let’s suppose you’ve uninstalled some program but things didn’t turn out smooth. In such cases, a good registry cleaner can help you out.

Source: fossbytes.com

Telikom PNG awarded contract to roll out internet services to rural areas

TELIKOM PNG today was awarded a contract by the National Information Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) to supply and roll out internet services to rural parts of PNG under the PNG Rural Communication Project.

This World Bank funded project will see Telikom PNG roll out its new3/4G mobile internet services to rural areas in the Momase and New Guinea Islands Regions.

Telikom tendered for the Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB) 3336 Tender for 3G Mobile service in July 2015 and has successfully won two of the four main regions in the country.

The tender was transparent and achieved its purpose of competitive tension for services, in a market predominantly controlled by major competitors. Service qualities will improve and the cost to customers will decrease as the new GSM mobile network is rolled out.

The PNG Rural Communication Project covers the concept of the Universal Access Service (UAS).UAS  was setup by state under Section 88 of the NICTA Act to ensure under privileged, less economically feasible areas (mainly rural) would be impacted economically and socially through the use of the UAS Funds, contributed by the Telco operators and funding bodies, such as the World Bank.

With the funding to complement its 4G roll-out, Telikom is set to provide the people of PNG with the best mobile experience; the fastest, affordable and most reliable network which is in line with the fundamental requirements of the UAS.

How to make a phone call by using EVDO Modem from a computer

You can make phone calls to any landline or mobiles phones from your computer using the EVDO Modem.

The following installation procedure prepared for Windows XP /7/8/10 operation system to install the EVDO Modem.


1. Insert the modem into PC.
2. Enter into “My Computer” you will find icon . 3. Right-click-run automatic the icon or open the CD of TELIKOM PNG and double click
Setup.exe file.
4. Please select "Next" in Software Installation interface.
5. Select installation directory.
6. Select additional task, and then click "Next".
7. Please click "Install" in "Ready to Install" interface.
8. While waiting for the installation, install progress is also being displayed.
9. Finish installation.

Voice Calls

After you installed, the program, you can will have the following screen when launched.

Simply dial any phone number you want to make a  call.  Note: You must have data bundle in your modem  from your telephone company before you make a call.