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PNG's IPOPNG website upgraded

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The Intellectual Property Office (IPOPNG) has launched its revamped website with an aim of having information accessible for stakeholders and general public.
This is to ensure compliance when clients register intellectual property rights.
Registrar of IPOPNG Amelia Na’aru, said the aim of the office is to improve its IT infrastructure to boost service delivery to its clientele.
IPA managing director Clarence Hoot said the team will continue to drive awareness to the public and stakeholders on its services and the availability of the website while congratulating IPOPNG staff.
Although the domain name www.ipopng.gov.pg has not changed, the new website is designed to match the modernised corporate and technological look and feel.
The website carries new features such as an online search link for PNG trade mark applications through the global brand database hosted by World Intellectual Property Organisation.
The global brand database allows clients to conduct free searches on trademarks registered in PNG and other countries.
Other features are, an online query form and processes in registering patents, trademarks and industrial designs and a list of recognised IP agents operating in PNG and abroad who deal with IP matters in PNG.

How to stop Background Data usage on Mobile Phones

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Here is a tip on how you can safe data on your mobile phone. You buy data to access the internet on your  mobile phones and sometimes you do not switch off the background data after browsing. This sometimes frustrate you after  you realized that your data is gone. If you don't switch off your data settings on your mobile phone, the applications installed on your mobile phone will start using your data either by updating itself or accidental browsing. The next time you want to browse the internet,you will realize that your data is gone and you become frustrated.  The video below provides a tip on how you can restrict background data usage on your mobile phone.

PNG looking to embrace digital tech

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DIGITISATION and innovation will be the focus when Papua New Guinea takes over the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Advisory Council  leadership next year, co-chair David Toua, pictured, says.
He was responding to questions on the lack of digital infrastructure in the Pacific region.
“We’ve recognise the importance of digitisation,” Toua said.
“We are creating a new working group.”
Regional economic integration working group chairman Sir Rod Eddington said the council working group would be working with PNG.
“We will work with Toua and the PNG team to ensure we continue with the things we have focused on this year,” he said.
“All those priorities are important to the PNG economy as small businesses across Apec continue to prosper. We will help them take advantage of the improvement in technology to allow small businesses to get into the global markets.”
ABAC 2017 chair Hoang Van Dung said the global Gross Domestic Product was projected to increase next year.
“We are seeing broad-based economic recovery regionally and globally,” he said.
“The IMF and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) have projected that global GDP will increase by 3.7 next year, up from just over 3 per cent in 2016. Trade flows are also recovering.”
Hoang said ABAC members were united in support of the rules-based global trading system looking ahead to December’s World Trade Organisation ministerial meeting in Buenos Aires.

Investing in ICT vital for PNG's growth, says PM O'Neill

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Papua New Guinea Prime Minister Peter O’Neill has said  that investing in key ICT infrastructure, especially broadband access, is the key and an enabler of growth to meet existing and future demands and new markets.

ICT infrastructure are one of the major policies and agendas now being discussed at the APEC Leaders and Ministers Meeting in Vietnam.

“Today we live in a very much digital world and of course the continued use of technology in our economies is growing by the day. PNG needs to continue to build on that so that our communities, because of our remoteness, also use our technologies to participate in the economy well being and of course their own well being,” Mr O’Neill said.

“PNG must take advantage of these new technologies, and I’m very pleased to see that many of our young people are starting to adapt to technology as a means of course in creating opportunities for themselves and also creating applications that are relevant in our communities. Some of the applications are being used, not only by government but by enterprises within the country, and I think it is important that PNG continues to support this advancement.

“I want to also take the opportunity to thank the government and the people of Australia for their continued support in this respect. There will be an announcement during this APEC meeting between our government.

“The Australian Government, in so far as the partnership, we are developing to build infrastructure, that is technology and the applications for PNG economy, and that will also benefit our neighbouring countries like Solomon Islands.

“Again let me stress this as very important for our small businesses. APEC is an organisation that is very much focused in the support of opportunities for small to medium enterprises.”

Bmobile-Vodafone in PNG stepping up with new branding

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BMOBILE-Vodafone opened its rebranded retail shop on Wednesday which coincided with prize give-away promotions.
Bmobile-Vodafone marketing manager regional Megan Taureka-Andrew said it was an initiative by the company to rebrand.
“The changes can be seen through our website and as seen through all our campaigns,” she said.
“The shop in the bmobile-Vodafone headquarters is the first with the new brand identity for bmobile-Vodafone’s new strapline: The future is exciting. Ready?
“On Oct 5, bmobile-Vodafone announced a significant evolution of its brand positioning strategy, strapline and visual identity worldwide – the first changes to one of the world’s best-known brands since the introduction of the Power to You strapline in 2009.
“The strategy which is being implemented across all 36 countries in which the Vodafone brand is present is designed to underline Vodafone’s belief that new technologies and digital services will play a positive role in transforming society and enhancing individual quality of life.
“The brand positioning strategy and related advertising campaigns were developed after a period of extensive research and concept testing, including quantitative and qualitative inputs from nearly 30,000 people in 17 countries.”

PNG's NICTA warns of deadline on Phone SIM Card registration

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A total of 1.5 million Digicel subcriber identity module (SIM) cards have been registered with 2.5 million yet to go.
But a time limit has now been placed on the operators to have all its subscribers registered before January 23, 2018.
Both Bmobile and Telikom were not able to give a confirmation on how many subscribers have registered so far when contacted by the Post-Courier.
According to the National Information and Communication Technology Authority (NICTA), both Bmobile and Telikom have not revealed the number of SIMs registered by them despites requests to do so by the regulator.
These two operators have only been providing percentages, which they claim to be around 60, 70 percent registered.
However, NICTA is hoping that once the next monthly reporting is due and they will try obtaining a figure from them.
NICTA chief executive officer, Charles Punaha re-iterated that it is compulsory everyone must have their SIM cards registered before the deadline.
Mr Punaha said if operators failed to complete all its registrations, they have to deactivate all those numbers and failure to do so will cause the operator to pay a fine of K50, 000 for every SIM that is not deactivated.
He confirmed that Telikom PNG had all their new customers registered, but for a few of their old customers.
“In respect to Bmobile, they are using their own initiative to do awareness but we will be assisting in complementing that and going in intensive public awareness over the limited period of months.
“We have made a submission to the Minister for Communication, Sam Basil, highlighting all the issues that are being currently faced by the operators.
We will wait for considerations from that and we will be making a public announcement on when will be the set deadline.
“In the meantime, we will encourage all operators and the citizens to make an effort to register SIM.
It has taken 12 months already,” Mr Punaha said.
He is concerned and has called for an extensive public awareness through the media to try and encourage everybody to have their SIM cards registered.