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PNG lacks high speed internet access

Admin | 1:18:00 PM |
Papua New Guinea needs to improve on its broadband accessibility in rural and urban areas throughout the country.

PNG National Information Communication and Technology Authority (NICTA) chief executive officer, Charles Punaha highlighted this at the Regional Information and Communication Technology (ICT) conference underway in Port Moresby.

Broadband refers to high-speed Internet access that is always on and faster than the traditional dial-up access.

Punaha said most developing countries in the Asia Pacific region lack high-speed Internet access.

He said in terms of mobile penetration, most of the countries including PNG have good telecommunication and mobile coverage but the biggest challenge is broadband access.

He admitted that not much has been done to update the use of broadband services because this service is expensive to use in the country.

Punaha added that countries like China, Korea, Malaysia and Singapore are well developed in terms of ICT services and they share their experiences with the developing countries in the region.

He said the intention of the conference is  to share ideas on ICT services between the developed and the developing countries.

Punaha stressed that when developed economies in the region share their ideas, they’re also willing to assist the developing economies to achieve some of the development goals for the ICT sector. LoopPNG

How to convert audio or video files to any format using VLC

Admin | 4:59:00 AM |
You can’t deny the fact that sometimes converting audio and video to some other format becomes one heck of a task.

We use different software to do the job and frankly speaking they do it diligently. The worst part comes at the time of installing these free software. They ask to install different kinds of other tools claiming to speed-up the PC and different kind of browser extensions to your computer.

You will be amazed to know that you can convert your audio or video file to any format using VLC. You can convert your media file into different formats with few simple steps which I am going to show you here.

Step 1:
Open VLC media player and go to Media> Convert/Save.

Step 2:
Click Add and select the file you wish to convert. Now click on Convert/save button to proceed.

Step 3:
Now select a format you wish to convert in by clicking on the drop-down menu available next to Profile.

Step 4:
Now select a destination and click on Start.


Make sure to pick the right format for your device on which you are going to play the converted content.
If the video is large, you’ll see the timer on the player progress as it encodes to the new format.
So, why bother installing different software and getting irritated when you have your music and video converter already embedded in your VLC media player. Also, the sexiest part is that it provides you different formats to convert including “Video for Android HD, SD, and video for YouTube HD, SD”.

Here is a list of formats that can be converted using VLC media converter.

Audio Format
Vorbis (OGG)
MP3 (MP4)

Video Format
Android SD Low
Android SD High
Android HD
YouTube SD
YouTube HD
MPEG4 720p TV/device
MPEG4 1080p TV/device
DivX compatible player
iPod SD
iPod HD/iPhone/PSP

Now you can convert your audio or video using VLC media converter easily, have fun

Source: fossBytes/PNGTechnologies

Mobile phones hinder learning in Schools in PNG : Pastor

Admin | 9:24:00 PM |
PARENTS and guardians of students attending Lae Christian School of Tomorrow (LCSOT) were reminded to keep mobile phones away from their children.

This was the message from PNG Bible Church Pastor Galang Mella before dedicating the students and teachers, including the school operations to God to officially launch the 2017 academic year.

Pastor Mella was very vocal in addressing the disadvantages of mobile phone influences in today’s younger generation that in one way or another can have an impact on their education.

"Little children still have a long way to go in their education and parents must not disturb their ability to learn with the use of mobile phones.

"The future of today’s children is at risk, as many parents are not strict with their children’s access to mobile phones features. This is evident in children between the ages of three to twelve who know how to play games, watch movies and go on social websites," said Pastor Mella.

He urged parents to bombard their children with learning materials and encourage them to read a lot so when they grow up it becomes a habit to focus on learning new things, as well as having the ability to research for new information.

Meanwhile, school principal Mek Glare said LCSOT uses Accelerated Christian Education (ACE) curriculum.

With the 2017 academic year theme ‘Mathew 6:33 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you’, Mr Glare urged students to put God first, others second and themselves last in order to excel.

"Let’s live practically, according to our theme by starting the academic year with God and ending it with God," said Mr Glare. Post Courier

Marianville Secondary School Teachers Understanding Social Media Rightly

Admin | 4:00:00 AM | |

There were 28 teachers of Marianville Secondary School were present on 3rd February for Social Media workshop called, ‘Using Social Media Rightly’.

The in-service on Social Media was facilitated by Fr Ambrose Pereira sdb. The particular focus was on ‘Understanding Media Rightly’ in order to help and guide the students.

The session started with the introductory question, ‘What is Social Media?’  Some of the answers were as follows: ‘It is where everyone’s connected’; ‘It is an electronic platform to create online communities’; ‘It is where information, ideas and messages are generated’.

The process involved acknowledging the widespread establishment, and influence of social media.  However, the big question posed to each teacher was, ‘How can I, help students with whom I am in contact with?’ and; ‘How can I help them use Social Media in the right way?

Since quite a number of teachers in the school are Digital Immigrants, the session helped them understand the kind of students they are dealing with.  It was also a challenge and interesting to see how the teachers could embrace and use technology.  In doing so, they would equip themselves to understand their students and guide them to the wise use of technology.

The Digital Natives (the current students) language is new and different, their thinking patterns are different and so are their processing skills.  The teachers were encouraged to learn their language in order to understand them.  Some thought provoking questions were; ‘How can the digital immigrants (teachers) equip themselves with the ‘know how’ skills of this technology to connect with the students?’; ‘How can teachers rid themselves of their fear of social media?’;  ‘How much of real content or opinions are there in Social Media?’; What policy does the school have to the guide students?’

The teachers were also reminded to encourage the students to ensure that everything they post is positive, and that they must be polite and respectful online.

The teachers were also cautioned to always keep the professional boundaries of a ‘student-teacher’ relationship.

It was indeed an informative session raising an awareness and offering guidelines on this technology. More so, identifying strategies on how best staff and students can work in collaboration with each other and use social media wisely, and for the right purpose.
By: Anastasia Wiau Hasola / EMTV/ PNG Technologies

Mobile Phone Companies in Papua New Guinea

Admin | 4:18:00 PM |

There are several Mobile Phone and Telephone (landline) companies in Papua New Guinea (PNG). A brief detail of each company is given below.

1. Digicel PNG
This is the major player in the mobile services in PNG. The company boasts of having 90% of Papua New Guinea covered with its services.  Digicel is a Irish Company.
Digicel's services include

  • Mobile Phone services  (Voice and Data)
  • Digital and Multimedia (Television Services TV Wan, TV Wan Sports, Hitron)
  • Cloud Computing
Data Plan

1.     20MB Day Data Pass for only K1.99. Valid for 24 hours. Text DAY to 1634 to subscribe

2.     85MB Weekly Data Pass for only K8. Valid for 7 days. Text WEEK to 1634 to subscribe

3.     550MB Monthly Data Pass for only K50. Valid for 30 days. Text MONTH to 1634 to subscribe

4.     1.2GB Mega Pass for only K100. Valid for 30days. Text MEGA to 1634

Voice Plan

Peak Hours  Monday to Saturday

Digicel to Digicel                                                         To other network:  
  60t/minute                                                                       90t/minute

Off Peak hours :  Sundays & Public Holidays
60t/minute                                                                        90t/minute

Comment: Digicel is the  the expensive mobile phone network in Papua New Guinea

2. Bmobile- Vodafone

Bmobile-Vodafone is also one of the  leading provider of mobile voice and data services in Papua New Guinea. This company is co-owned by PNG Government and Vodafone. The company have network coverage in all towns and cities in Papua New Guinea. 

There Services include
  • Mobile Phone (data and voice)
  • Smart fone distribution
  • LAN/WAN setup
Data Plan
K3           K5      K10          K20          K30          K80         K225 K375
50 MB 70 MB 150 MB 350 MB 650 MB 1.5 GB 5 GB 10 GB
Validity 24hrs 3 Days 7 Days 14 Days 14 Days 30 Days 30 Days 30 Days
How to subscribe? *777# *777# *777# *777# *777# *777# *777# *777#

Voice Plan
Peak hour 50 toea Monday - Sunday, 6am - 9pm 
off-peak hour 25 toea Monday - Sunday, 9pm - 6am

Comment: Recommended for visitors to Papua New Guinea especially for Voice calls.

3. Telikom PNG

 Telikom PNG is the leading telecommunications company with a telecommunications system that is among the most modern in the South Pacific region. Telikom PNG is owned by Papua New Guinea Government.

Telikom offers retail business of voice and data broadband services along with wholesale business of these voice and data services.Telikom Services are available in major centers in Papua New Guinea. 


Services currently available feature landline, Citifon mobile service, fixed wireless voice & data, Wimax broadband, VSAT, PABX, IPLAN, VPN, hotspot, and video conference.

Citifon, a product of Telikom PNG provides mobile service with competitive call and data rates with coverage available to most urban centers around the country.

Data Plan

Pass                             Price                                          Data

3 days pass                  PGK2                                        60 MB
7 days pass                  PGK3                                        100 MB
7 days Pass                  PGK5                                        200 MB
14 days pass                PGK10                                      400 MB
14 days Pass                PGK15                                      600 MB
14 days Pass                PGK 25                                     1G
21 days pass                PGK 90                                      5 G

Note: MB = Megabytes,  G= Gigabytes

Voice calls
35t/ Minute all network except for international calls with is 55t/minute 

Comment: Recommended this Telikom network if you want to safe money. 

Cyber Security in Papua New Guinea

Admin | 5:54:00 PM |
NO network is safe and to ensure that the country’s critical infrastructure is protected, National Information Communication Technology Authority (NICTA) has embarked on a major cyber-security project.

This was from NICTA chief executive officer Charles Punaha in a presentation he delivered at the day-long conference on E-Business hosted by the Bank South Pacific in Port Moresby last week.

Mr Punaha said there were documented incidences abroad of systems being hacked but that the realities had been homed in, that PNG is not immune with the recent attack on the Bank of PNG’s website. Further, the attacks were likely to be from outside the country.

"The next major project we are now working on and this is mainly to protect critical ICT infrastructure in the country, whether it be airline reservation systems, networks for the banks in the country, PNG Power.

"We are now bringing in experts who are assisting us to draft the policy on Cyber Security that we are hoping will go to the Government by the second quarter of this year.

"After which, as part of the project, we are going to install a computer set in the country, for the time being it will be located with NICTA, in addition to the ISP. The main intention is to provide backup to all the critical service providers," Mr Punaha said.

He said the facility will have the capabilities to monitor traffic around the world, especially when you have cyber-attacks taking place.

He said capacity building would follow and that too is vital in the event that any of our networks or systems in the country are hacked, or sabotaged, then we will have the capabilities to assist people set up their computer systems.

He warned the perpetrators in the country and abroad that the law is now effect and will carry hefty penalties, adding they would also serve as a deterrent. He also stressed that there were provisions to ensure the extradition that would be perpetrators to PNG for eventual prosecution under the country’s laws. Post Courier