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Digitec PNG receives prestigious award

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THE Digitec PNG Limited was awarded the prestigious “Innovative Company of the Year 2017” award from the PNG Institute of Directors.

The PNG Institute of Directors 2017 annual award night was held on Thuresday night at the Stanley Hotel.

Over 270 executives from all business sectors attended the award and Gala Dinner.

Mr Nirmal Singh Group CEO of Digitec received the award from Ian Tarutia President of PNGID said he was humbled and honoured to receive this award within 5 years of operation in Papua New Guinea and that the PNGID has selected Digitec from many other worthy contenders.

He was also joined on the stage by Group Chairmen Sanjay Shah, Managing Director Nishith Muchhala and Director Nizar Isani who were all present there to witness this major Milestone in the history of Digitec. The General Manager of Ricoh Australia (Digitec’s MFD Partner) Mr Brian Wood was also present there to bless the occasion.

He said, “We source our solution with stainability in mind and invest in innovative technologies that would enhance our customers business and make them bench mark of their industry”

Digitec is located in Australia and Papua New Guinea supporting customers inAustralasia Region. In Papua New Guinea they operate from 3 locations. Port Moresby, Lae and Kimbe.

Digitec has been successfully providing quality ICT equipment, service and solutions throughout Australasia since 2002. Digitec is an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) company dedicated on delivering breakthrough and best in class total business solutions and services.

Digitec is driven on providing its client-partners innovative, quality-assured end-to-end business solutions and services for the entire ICT infrastructure.   The heart of Digitec business is after sales Service. Digitec’s highly trained and certified engineers provide pre and post sales service with dedication and on time. Digitec provides Innovative Technology Solutions to customers which enhances quality of deliverables and brings in cost efficiency.

Apple is about to kill 32-bit apps

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Everybody has an app graveyard.
These are the apps you downloaded on a whim, thought, “I’ll come back to that one day” and never did. Well, their days are numbered.
Apple is about to pull the wraps off its latest iPhone, and with it, the latest version of its operating system – iOS 11 (that’s if you haven’t already seen a leaked version).
The new iOS is ending support for 32-bit apps. That means some apps that used to work just fine, won’t work once you’ve updated. A report from Sensor Tower found in March nearly 200,000 apps on the App Store were not compatible with iOS 11.
That’s about 8 per cent of apps available worldwide.
Alvin Lee, senior mobility analyst at Telsyte, estimated about 1.2 million iPhone users still had models that cannot upgrade to the 64-bit operating system.
Apple released its first 64-bit iPhone way back in 2013 with the iPhone 5S. From early 2015, all apps submitted to the store were required to support 64-bit.
Director of the UWA Centre for Software Practice Dr David Glance said in the tech world, being given two years to update a service was an “extraordinary” amount of time.
“There’s an awful lot of apps, (and) because it’s relatively easy to create an app, you get people in their bedrooms essentially producing an app,” he said.
“This is a good opportunity for Apple but also developers to actually get their house in order and clean the app store and get rid of (old) apps.
“Even if 20 per cent of them disappear, there’s still a phenomenally large number of apps so most people won’t notice the difference.”
So why switch now? In theory, it’s all about faster performance. “It refers to the amount of data a processor can handle. A 64-bit processor can process more data at a time than a 32-bit processor,” Mr Lee said.
A bigger brain in your phone means developers can make apps that allow it to complete more complex tasks.
There’s not likely to be an issue with your most used apps. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and the like will be fine.
But one of the most popular apps that looks likely to get the chop is 2013 smash-hit Flappy Bird. You can’t download it anymore, but if it’s still on your phone you won’t be able to launch it if you upgrade to iOS 11.
Also at risk will be some of those aps you downloaded on a whim and only opened once or twice.
A developer may have pulled it from the app store (like Flappy Bird) or just moved on to other things and given up updating it. For example, after upgrading to a beta version of iOS 11, Mr Glance noticed an app he used to pay for items at a vending machine stopped working.
According to the Sensor Tower analysis, the categories with the most 32-bit apps are games and educational apps.
If you’ve updated to iOS 10, you might have seen this warning after opening an app: That’s a sign an app is 32-bit, and might not work once Apple releases iOS 11.
How can I find out if my apps are affected? Thankfully it’s pretty easy.
– Open your iPhone head to the General menu in Settings
– Then tap on About
– Then look for Applications
If you can tap on it, you’ll be taken to a list of apps that won’t work once iOS 11 is live unless they’re updated.
If you can’t tap on Applications, all your apps are sweet. What about Android users? Because of the sheer variety of Android phones on the market, there’s no rush to phase out 32-bit apps on the platform.
“Android is in a bit of a different situation in that it can’t make these unilateral moves,” Dr Glance said. So if you use an Android phone and have 32-bit apps installed, they’re not in danger of breaking any time soon. Post Courier

OPPO to open service centre in Port Moresby

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GLOBAL electronics and technology service provider Oppo will soon open its service centre in Port Moresby.
The firm established itself in Port Moresby last December and started selling its phone brand in March.
Oppo Papua New Guinea trainer Dorcas Beatrice Ledo said the
service centre would help customers with faults in Oppo smartphones for both software and hardware.
Oppo smartphones are high-end and have a lot of features.
“But the main feature we are focused on is the camera features.
“Instead of customers going to other service centres or street phone doctors to fix the phones, Oppo has its own technicians who are well trained and know about the phones.
“So once the service centre is open, customers can come to the Oppo brand service centre to get their phones fixed and serviced with the actual parts and services for Oppo smartphones right here instead of going elsewhere.”
A centre will be opened this month in Lae.
Oppo products are sold at Fone Haus outlets at Vision City Mega Mall, Boroko, Downtown and
J-Mart in Erima.
Oppo designs, manufactures, and promote its own products to its markets globally.

PNG Custom staff boosts skills with Excel training

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TWELVE officers from the PNG Customs Service have completed a week-long  Microsoft Excel training at the IT Job Training Centre (ITJTC) in Port Moresby.
During certificate presentation on Friday, PNG Customs director for boarder security Les Ture said: “We play a very important role to collect revenues for the government to fund delivery of goods and services and as well as protect PNG borders.
“To deliver on our mandate, we look on our officers to perform their task well and to improve their skills and knowledge is a crucial aspect of our operation.”
Ture said Customs officers deal with a lot of data, doing auditing, reposting, doing data analysis and MS Excel was a useful tool.
“ITJTC is one of the top competency-based training providers that offers flexible courses,  we are partnering with them to improve staff skills,” Ture said.
“This is because a high level of skills and knowledge in using MS excel will make those tasks a lot easier, clearer and error free.”

PNG's Nicta offers three operator’s licences to Digicel

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The Papua New Guinea  National Information and Communication Technology Authority offers three licences to allow companies to operate information and communication services, chief executive Charles Punaha says.
He was responding to questions during a media conference on Friday regarding the companies which were allowed to operate broadcasting, internet and communication services.
“Under the operator’s licence, we have network licence, application and content license,” he said.
Punaha said when Digicel first came in, it operated as a mobile network company. It has been given the three licences since. Under the network licence, the company was given the right to install and construct infrastructure around the country.
“The content licence covers both the television broadcasting and the internet service which Digicel is providing,” he said.
“The application licence enables Digicel to provide ICT services to the public. So Digicel have three classes of licences that give them the right to go into content that covers podcasting and to provide internet services.”
Punaha said it was wrong to think that companies such as Digicel only came in as a mobile operator.
“In today’s technology, it’s what we call converse technology. There is no clear definition as to what an operator can provide,” he said.
“There is conversion between content and different applications. So in the case of Digicel, they have the right to provide content.”

Enforcing cyber law ‘a concern’ in PNG

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Enforcement of the cybercrime legislation is still a concern to the Papua New Guinea National Information and Communication Technology Authority (Nicta), its chief executive Charles Punaha, pictured, says.
He was responding to media questions in regard to the progress made on the cybercrime policy approved in 2015.
“After the policy was approved, the cybercrime legislation was enacted by parliament in Ocober last year,” Punaha said.
“But then we do admit that enforcement is still a big concern as we are in the process of trying to build capacity within Nicta as well as trying to assist police.”
Punaha said they had plans to set up an initial team to train trainers.
“We are awaiting appropriate endorsement to do that,” he said.
Punaha said that after building up capacity, they needed to carry out awareness among the stakeholders.
“At the moment, there is so much confusion as to who has the responsibility to carry out investigation and prosecution as these are matters that we are still discussing,” he said.
“But as per the legislation, the police have the authority to initiate investigations on people’s complaints and, of course, Nicta will assist police with information to prosecute offenders.
Communication and Information Technology Minister Francis Manake said because national security was starting to become a problem in the country in terms of cybercrime issues like cyberbullying on social media platforms.
“I know that information and knowledge is power and therefore I am committed to see that the policy on cybercrime security and the cybercrime legislation is implemented without delay.” The National