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Papua New Guinea losing Culture and traditions through Facebook : PNG TPA

Admin | 10:21:00 PM |
Facebook is one of the reasons why we are losing a lot of our cultures and traditions.

The PNG Tourism Promotion Authority (PNG TPA), in its call to embrace our cultures, tagged modern influences, such as social media platforms, as a factor behind the loss.

“We are not only losing our languages here but we are treating the English language very poorly by inventing and using our own short forms of the English language,” says the Authority in a statement.

“Sadly, it clearly reflects on the poor quality output from our educational institutions.

“We are so unique, diverse and distinct in every aspect of our cultures and traditions that the world is only just beginning to take note.

“We are a united state of cultural diversity. Our culture is our identity, that is exactly what that differentiates us from others. No other country in the world beats us – we have 800-plus languages and over 1000 tribes.”

The PNG TPA says most of our languages are disappearing and the number of speakers are decreasing at an alarming rate.

“Our cultures and traditions are disappearing; Festivals and singsings, you now see painted cardboards as kina shells, PVC pipes as kundu drums, etc. It is a sad reality.

“This country will regret losing our greatest gift one day: Our cultures and traditions.

“People pay top dollars to travel around the world to experience authentic and unique cultures.

“In fact, the National Geographic has just named PNG as one of the top ‘cultural destinations’ in the world. This just confirms PNG as the ‘Cultural Capital of the World’.”

PNG TPA has urged everyone to fully embrace our cultures for tourism to flourish in our country.

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Westpac Mobile Banking using Bmobile-Vodafone

Admin | 3:25:00 AM |
What is Westpac Mobile Banking?

Westpac Mobile Banking puts you in control of your money anytime, anywhere.  You can now access your bank account on your mobile phone, and do your banking wherever you are, whenever you want.

Do I need to download an app?

There is no need to download an app.  All you need is a Westpac personal account, a registered bmobile – vodafone mobile number and a mobile phone.

What are the features and benefits of using Westpac Mobile Banking?
You can:

Conduct balance enquiries
Request mini statements
Top up your phone or another phone
Conduct inter-accounts transfers
Pay other banks – BSP, ANZ, Kina
Bank securely by being able to regularly change your mobile PIN
How can I get started?
You will need a Westpac bank account, personal loan or home loan account.
Ensure your bmobile – vodafone number is linked to your accounts.
Dial *149# to register for mobile banking.
Create a 4-digit PIN and keep it secret

How it works?

Download the  Mobile Banking User Guide (PDF 1.14mb) for instructions on how to use this service.

Need help?
Simply speak to a Westpac banking representative by calling 322 0888

Bmobile-Vodafone Moa Pack Promotion

Admin | 3:10:00 AM |
Bmobile-Vodafone is giving amazing free calls, data and SMS.

Moa Packs give you FREE calls to any bmobile-vodafone number in PNG and varying combination of voice, SMS and data for different validity periods.You can subscribe to Moa Packs for a day, a weekend, a week, a fortnight or a month.

Also you can call other network using this promotion but it is limited .

How to stop Weebly Site from Indexing by Search Engines

Admin | 3:01:00 AM |
You can stop search engines from indexing your Weebly websites. Simply follow the steps below. 

1. If you want to stop the entire weebly site from Indexing, follow this step. 

Your website automatically includes a robots.txt file that you can use to control search engine indexing for specific pages or your entire site. You can view your robots file by going to www.yourdomain.com/robots.txt or yoursitehere.weebly.com/robots.txt (using your unique site address in place of the examples, of course).

The default setting is to allow search engines to index your entire site. If you want to prevent your entire website from being indexed by search engines, go to the Settings tab in the editor and click on the SEO section. Scroll down to the "Hide site from search engines" toggle, switch it to the On position, and re-publish your site.

2. If you want stop certain pages from indexing, follow the following steps.

What if you only want to protect some of your pages from being indexed? Not a problem! You can do this for each page individually from the SEO Settings menu. First, make sure that the "Hide site from search engines" toggle shown above is set to Off. Then go to the Pages tab, click on the page you want to hide, and then on the SEO Settings button then check Hide This page from Search Engine

How to disable Facebook Login on your Weebly Website

Admin | 2:43:00 AM |
Sometimes you realize that you auto login into your weebly designed website with facebook account. If you want this from happening, simply follow the simple steps below to disable it.

If you've logged into your Weebly account through Facebook and decide you no longer want to do so, you can disable this in a few short steps.
 First, go to your Account page from your Weebly dashboard.

Click the Edit Profile link, then on "Connected" next to Facebook - you'll be prompted to Disconnect in a pop up, so go ahead and click that. Don't forget to save in the Edit Profile window when you're done making changes.

Head over to your Facebook account next, and click the arrow in the upper right to access the Settings page.

From there, click on Apps in the left sidebar and locate Weebly in the list. Click the X to the right of the icon to completely remove Weebly, or click on the pencil to make changes to the permissions.

You should be all set after that, and if you change your mind you can always set up Facebook login again by clicking the Facebook login button at the sign in screen.

Sources: Weebly Help Center

How to reset Weebly Website Password?

Admin | 2:34:00 AM |
If you forgot your weebly designed Website Password,, you can use the following technique to rest the password.

If you're having trouble logging in, it could be caused by one of a few different things.

The most common situation is a forgotten password, and you can use the link below to get it reset:


Just enter the email address you use to log into Weebly and weebly will  send a password reset link to that email account. If you don’t see the email in your inbox within a few minutes, be sure to check the spam or junk mail folder in case it wound up there. If you still don’t see it, you might have made a typo when submitting the password reset form, or you might have entered the wrong email.

If you’re still unable to log in after trying the above, you can contact weebly  support team and let them know you’re having trouble logging in.