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Job: IT Support Officer in PNG

Admin | 4:52:00 AM |
Job description

The PNG IT Support Officer is responsible for providing 1st and 2nd level support on the computer and telephony systems  Overseeing installation, troubleshooting, break/fix support, ensuring backup systems operate effectively, and providing on the ground enforcement of regionally developed IT policies and procedures.

Academic/Technical/Management: Experience and Qualifications:

Academic achievement of Bachelor of Technology (Information Systems); or Bachelor of Technology (Computing Studies) is preferred but not required
Holding of MCSE - Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician (MCDST) is preferred.
Cisco or network related qualifications would be an advantage
 Abilities; Skills; Experience; Aptitude and Judgment

Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
Ability to communicate at all levels
Patient, with a strong customer focus
Dynamic individual who is able to fit well into the current team (most of whom are based outside of PNG)
Ability to pick up new skills quickly
Be well organized with a methodical work habit and attention to detail
 Other Personal or General Characteristics:

Professional and Mature Outlook
Energetic and Enthusiastic
Strong Customer Focus
Team Player

How to apply

Visit the Official Website for the application due date and processes : Official Website

Technology for Live PNG Election coverage

Admin | 10:27:00 PM |
ALL provincial election officers will be using tablets to send information through to the counting centres, Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato says.
Gamato told observers and media personnel at the opening of the PNGEC media centre on Friday that election officials will have to comply with the provisions of the law and relevant prescribed forms.
“Everything will happen at the provincial level and at the counting centres. We will put up big screens and the results will be put up there,” he said.
“The same results must be transmitted to the media centres for all our stakeholders, especially the media.”
Gamato said with the use of these phones, election officials would be able to  communicate with each other.
“This is one of the strategies, that we want to connect with all the election managers, assistant election managers, returning officers and the assistant returning officers,” he said.
“From the field, during polling, hopefully they can use the tablets to report the total number of ballot boxes, ballot papers and the number voters coming through the polling stations.
“It is also very important to ensure that forms are scanned and sent because without that we cannot justify the information.
“The media centre is a plus.
“In the past, we used to use just the forms faxed in from the provinces, but this time, with the establishment of the media centre, especially with the publication of results, it will be high-tech and better,” Gamato said.
The media centre will publish the information and results from PNGEC website and any data that come from the field.
All information and results data available at the media centre will have been verified, cleared and validated by the relevant branches of the PNGEC.
The centre will be accessible by media personnel, domestic and international observers, representatives from government agencies and also civil society, including churches and other stakeholders.
The centre is located within the PNGEC building and would be open from 8am to 6pm for polling.
For the counting period, the centre may open at 7am and close at 12 midnight, depending on the results that come in from the field....The National

How to fix a corrupt hard drive using built-in Windows CMD tools

Admin | 5:29:00 AM |
Here is another tip on fixing errors in computer hard drive. This time the Check Disk utility is used to repair corrupt flash drives and SD cards. It can be accessed in the Properties of a connected hard drive. For hard drive recovery, you also use Check Disk or chkdsk using the command line.

  1. To start the corrupted hard disk repair process, open Command Prompt in Admin mode (Right-click Start button and click Command Prompt (Admin)).
  2. Type the following command to start the error checking and fixing process for your internal or external drive:chkdsk C: /F        where C is the drive letter.
  3. You can add more options to the command to make the scan process more rigorous.
  4. chkdsk C: /F /X /R     where /X If required, it forces the volume to dismount before the scan.  /R Locates bad sectors and recovers readable data.  Press Enter. Press Y if the system asks you for a restart (in the case of internal drive).
  5. Wait till the Check Disk utility repairs your hard drive for errors.

Chkdsk might not be a fool-proof solution but it works in many cases and might help you repair your external or internal HDD without formatting. If it fails, then you can consider the option of formatting your drive by visiting Windows Explorer.

How to check and fix Computer Hard Drive Errors

Admin | 5:15:00 AM |
Here is another tip on computer Hard Drives. Your computer hard drive is one of the key components of your computer system, and maintaining and check for errors are regularly is paramount for the longevity of your computer. Below is few tips on how you can check for errors in your computer hard drive.

Windows has an inbuilt mechanism for hard disk recovery using which you can check a storage media, internal or external HDD, for errors.

To check the error go to My Computer/This PC > Drive (right-click) > Properties > Tools tab. Click Check.

1. To check for errors on your computer hard disk check the options as shown by 1 in the diagram above. This will automatically check for errors and fix them.
2.  Select option 2 as shown on the diagram above  if errors exist in your hard drive. This will scan for and recover bad sectors (with errors) on your hard drive.

The two procedures will try to fix errors in your computer hard drive.

Mobile Phone SMS marketing linking 2 million people in PNG

Admin | 10:19:00 PM |
Imagine the potential of being able to communicate with 2 million people all at once.
Trend Media Pacifc, a full service media business has the ability to facilitate for such through SMS marketing.
Digital Marketing Specialist at Trend Media, Michael Solomon explains that by inserting a link to an SMS that  clicks out to a Facebook page or website, Trend helps clients reach more people.
The SMS message directs receivers to any online destination like a Facebook page or website.

Solomon says that with Trend Media’s database of over 2 million people in PNG this can give clients
unparalleled reach into the market.
The company has to date run many SMS campaigns across PNG for a wide range of clients, from leading brands, to top Political Candidates competing in the upcoming election.
“SMS is a powerful medium and it doesn’t have to boring” says Solomon who further outlined impressive results from recent SMS campaigns including, a leading insurance brand using SMS with a link to their online form seeing a 200% increase in leads.
He says that a leading beverage maker when using TM’s service saw an excess of 1500 people to their website via SMS.
The potential of SMS marketing is massive which has seen interests from politicians, Solomon says that recently a political candidate using the service to drive people to his Facebook page managed to increase his page likes by 20% overnight.
“One advantage to the service is the reach to a large number of your audience via location and device type, a service aspect that most politicians as well as political parties would find useful this election period,” Solomon adds.  LoopPNG

Businesses urged to plug cyber brain drain

Admin | 7:14:00 PM |
AUSTRALIA’S cyber security brain drain could be slowed if big business and governments were less afraid to embrace local start-ups and new technology, an expert says.
Professor Greg Austin, from the Centre for Cyber Security at the University of New South Wales said too many companies were moving abroad after struggling to secure contracts at home.
Cog Systems, a promising start-up operating out of an unassuming office among the cafes and restaurants of Newtown in Sydney, has every reason to leave the country.
The company has developed the technology underpinning what is marketed as the world’s most secure smartphone. So far, the bulk of its customers are based in the US.
They include the US Department of Defence, Department of Homeland Security and government agencies.
Chief executive officer Dr Daniel Potts said: “We’ve been focusing on government users largely because they drive the high ground.
“They set a lot of the certification standards to try to make things better. That then trickles into the large enterprises and then the rest of the consumer market.” – ABC News