Sunday, July 01, 2018

Digicel PNG to add 40 more TV Channels

Digicel PNG will launch 4 new TV plans in July – a 60 channel bundle on the Digicel TV terrestrial service in and around Port Moresby and 60 & 80 channel bundles plus two special add-on packs (Indian and Filipino channels) on the Digicel TV Satellite service which covers the whole of Papua New Guinea.

The new channel line-up includes FOX, HBO, Cartoon Network, Fox Sports, MTV, Discovery as well as Digicel TV’s exclusive coverage of the Hunters, NRL, English Premier League soccer, Super Rugby and more.

    Digicel TV CEO Charlie Clementson said.” We will now offer more channels, more choice and more value on Digicel TV to the whole country. Packs start at less than 3pgk a day if you buy the 30 day 20 channel pack or you can buy all 80+ channels for just one day – you get to choose. Dial *515# to subscribe, choose how many days and then how many channels and you’re done – simple”.
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  1. Any of customer centered packages giving more choice to what we want to watch and pay for?? Out of the 40 channel package i watch only a handfull (less than 10 channels) that are of interest to me and my household. The rest of the channels are just...there. I know it can be done so why can't it be done here in PNG??