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Australia funding Apec satellite tower for High Speed Internet in PNG

A NEW satellite tower will be constructed at a cost of K33 million to cater for the internet needs of

Apec Leaders’ Summit in November in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
This will be financed by the Australian government and based at Kumul Telikom Holdings’ Gerehu earth station, says Minister for Public Enterprises and State Investment William Duma.
“As part of the Australian assistance to the PNG ICT sector, PNG DataCo, on behalf of Kumul Telikom Holdings, is now working with an international operator SERS Networks to deliver 6 Gbps lower latency internet service between Port Moresby and Sydney to support the 2018 Apec ICT requirements,” he said
“The O3B satellite system is the highest satellite service capacity in the country and shall support advanced sea cable infrastructure after the Apec meeting.
“The O3B satellite system is expected to be completed and in use by the end of September.”
Duma said this would mean progress for other sectors.
“As minister responsible for State-owned enterprises, I must ensure that the necessary infrastructure for the delivery of electricity, water, ICT and other services are world standard,” he said.
“Only then can our SOEs be able to deliver services to our people at the required standards and rates.”
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