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Cost of Internet services in Fiji

There are several Internet data and voice carriers in Fiji. Below is the list of those companies that provide internet  services in Fiji. If you are  a visitor to this Island nation, you may want to choose the cheaper internet service provider while staying in Fiji.

1. Vodafone Fiji 

Vodafone Fiji recently announced the upgrade of its 3G services to 4G.  Along with 4G, Vodafone Fiji provides 4G Long Term Evolution technology. It is a 4G protocol which is used by mobile users and it is said to be the “True 4G” that delivers people with the fastest mobile Internet experience with 4G capable mobile devices.

  • Fastest 4G mobile broadband in Fiji .
  • Download Up to 20-40mb/s
  • Upload Up to 5-10mb/s
  • Free pocket Wi-Fi or Router
  • Powerful Business grade Routers 

2. Digicel Fiji

Digicel Fiji is another mobile carrier in Fiji. Below are their rates. (Note this rates are subject to change anytime).

Plan Name Monthly Fee (VEP) Normal Data (MB)
Starter 8GB $21.74                          8192
Active 20GB $43.48                         20480
Heavy 30GB $60.87                         30720
Turbo 40GB $69.57                         40960

3.  Telecom Fiji Limited

Telecom Fiji Limited is another mobile carrier in Fiji. They have new Superfast Wireless Internet Service over LTE. No need for telephone lines or waiting for installation, just sign up and take your modem instantly – it’s that simple. With Connect 4G+ Superfast speeds, you can share with the family so everyone can enjoy streaming, video chats, gaming and so much more.

Connect 4G+ runs on 700MHz (Band 28) mobile spectrum which has far better coverage outside and very good penetration inside buildings.

 There are two modem types:

Mifi – if you want mobility then this is for you.
Home Gateway – recommended for home use where you can share Wi-Fi.

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