PNG entrepreneurs launch mobile Android applications

THREE Papua New Guinea android mobile applications developed by local PNG start-up businesses were launched during the Start-Up PNG 2019 convention yesterday.

The applications were ODESH, a Taxi booking application, Check Safe, an emergency alert application and Wasman, which individuals could use to report problems directly to the Government.
Developer of ODESH (On Demand Express Service Hub) Isaac Jipsi said: “The application is the country’s first online taxi booking platform.
“It will modernise the taxi services in Port Moresby and then to the rest of the country.
“It has been a long journey and we took over 20 months developing the application.”
The application initially came online last month and already has 400 users and is already estimated to be valued at K1.5 million.
The Check Safe application was co-developed by Anne-Shirley Korave and Nancy Gavera.
Korave said: “Safety and security is the number one concept of many women and young girls. “The mobile application Check Safe is a real time safety and security measure that women and girls as well as men can use for their safety.
“They can be able to seek help in real time from responders and also be able to report incidents.”
Mea Ravu, representing the co-founders of Wasman said: “There is a lack of direct communication between the people and the members of parliament. The application provides a platform which people can use to report non-emergency issues to the local town councils through the application.”

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