Mendi-Munhiu To have Better Digital and Mobile Network Coverage

The Member for Mendi & Minister for Works & Implementation Hon Michael Nali signed an agreement with Telikom PNG to install better Digital and BMOBIL Coverage in the electorate.

The services which will be provided include,


- Kalang FM

- E-learning & E-library for High Schools & Primary Schools in the electorate.

Present during the signing was Telikom PNG a/CEO Mr Jessie Mangua and Hon Michael Nali. 

The cost will be met by MMDDA and Telikom PNG on a 50/50 basis. The Telikom CEO said to hook up the network before Christmas.

To those of us in Mendi Munhiu, let's have our fingers crossed and embrace services that are coming in whether big or small. If you are still not satisfied, 2022 is few months away.

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