Clearance Application By Telstra for the Proposed Acquisition of Digicel PNG

The PNG Independent Consumer and Competition Commission (“ICCC”) wishes to inform all industry stakeholders and the general public that it received a Clearance Application from Telstra Corporation Limited (“Telstra”) on 29th October, 2021. Telstra is seeking approval from the ICCC for the proposed acquisition of Digicel (PNG) Limited and its wholly-owned subsidiaries in PNG (together referred to as “Digicel PNG”) (the “Proposed Acquisition”).

The Proposed Acquisition of Digicel PNG is part of the proposed acquisition of 100% of the shares of Digicel Pacific Limited (“Digicel Pacific”) from Digicel Group Holdings Limited (“Digicel Holdings”) by Telstra.

The subsidiaries of Digicel (PNG) Limited (1-155909) are:

  •  Digicel (PNG) Financial Services Limited (1-71666);
  • Hitron Limited (1-8400); and
  • Site & Towers (PNG) Limited (1-100876).

The ICCC is inviting persons who may have an interest in the Proposed Acquisition and the public to provide comments and submissions on the likely competition effects this proposed acquisition may have on the Information and Communications Technology (“ICT”) services in PNG; and how that will impact other businesses, consumers, and the economy.

Please note that all submissions will be disclosed to the public except where information is designated “confidential” by the submitter. Please clearly identify the confidential information and provide reason(s) as to why that particular information should not be disclosed to the public.

All comments and submissions should be addressed to Mr. Paulus Ain, Commissioner and Chief Executive Officer of the ICCC.

All comments and submissions should reach the ICCC by 15th November, 2021.

All queries relating to this matter should be directed to Mr. Steven Sugl, Executive Manager, Competitive Markets & Fair-Trade Division on telephone 312 4600 or e-mail to:

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