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PNG's Lae Police use technology to fight crime

Papua New Guinea's Lae Police is using technology to fight crime in Lae city. The use of technology include, telephones, Radios, CCTV Cameras  and police operates in a control center  on day shift.

This is the nerve centre of operations where calls are received from the public and dispatched to Police Units via Police Radio.

The Police Communications Room operates 24 hours a day ,seven days a week.

The Communications Centre is set to be improved with better technology and equipment. This is after completion of the new office complex which is still undergoing construction.

Infact the Police Communications do take in all Emergency calls for assistance, not only Police matters.

Port Moresby will have the same setup soon.

Photo: Radio Room Shift Supervisor Senior Constable Mugiar taking a call on the Toll Free number, while Constable Kolmal standing by to dispatch on Police radio.

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