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Internal Cyber Spying and Attacks worry businesses in PNG

INTERNAL spying and insider attacks are major risks currently faced by banks, credit unions, super funds, mining and resource companies as well as government departments in Papua New Guinea, according to an expert.
Cybernetic Global Intelligence (CGI) chief executive Ravin Prasad told The National that most organisations in PNG needed to think seriously about implementing cyber security controls.
Australian company CGI is a partner with State-owned Datec PNG Ltd in delivering cyber security programmes in the country.
“Cyber security attacks, data breaches are not getting detected,” Prasad said.
“Hackers have not spared the developed countries in the sense of cyber security.
“I don’t think they will spare PNG in using insider attacks to gain access within the PNG banks, superfunds, mining and resources and Government departments using internal phishing emails to steal funds within organisations across PNG.
“PNG Computer Emergency Response Team (Cert) needs to impose mandatory basic cyber security policies and procedures in conjunction with the Government in ensuring best cyber security policies and procedures are implemented across all businesses, including banks, credit unions, super funds and government departments to monitor their infrastructure for cyber security attacks.”
PNG Cert is part of National Information Communications Technology Authority (Nicta).
“Many countries have deployed national level Cert as their cyber security advisory who are sending periodic updates and best practices to all entities operating within their country.”
Prasad said through Cert, programmes were conducted to spread information and security awareness to all the users.
He said to avoid cybersecurity attacks financial institutes, health, mining and government departments need to invest in cyber security infrastructure measures. The National/PNGehow

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