Telikom PNG connects estate to fibre-optic cabling network

 TELIKOM PNG has completed a gigabit passive optical networks (GPON) service to 113 units in Credit Corporation’s Era Dorina estate in Port Moresby.

According to Telikom PNG, Credit Corporation, as a user of the GPON product, now had its Era Dorina apartments, Era Matana estate and its head office all connected on fiber-optic cabling.

“The low key commissioning was attended by representatives from both Credit Corporation and Telikom PNG who were impressed with the quality of the work done and the delivery of this service in a timely manner,” Telikom said in a statement.

“GPON supports a high bandwidth transmission using fiber-optic cabling to reach each unit providing faster data transmission and reception and which also supports Telikom’s triple play service (IPTV, voice, and data).”

Other areas where Telikom’s GPON service is readily available are parts of Lae and Kimbe which included:

  • Waigani – Islander Village;
  • Konedobu – Kada Gunan, Curtain Brothers apartments, The Peninsula apartments;
  • Downtown – Touaguba Hills Paradise apartments, Era Dorina apartments, Noble Centre, Era Matana estate;
  • Gordon – Elements apartments, Chinese Embassy;
  • l6-Mile – DHL compound, Kittyhawlk Street; and,
  • l7-Mile – Venezia apartments.
Statement/TheNational /PNGehow 

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