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PNG DataCo to run cable project,

PNG DATACO Limited is moving to connect Papua New Guinea to the world through its Melanesia cable project due to kick start this month.

Chairman Mr Reuben Kautu announced this today following his return from the Solomon Islands where a Joint Communique was signed between the Governments of Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands.

"PNG DataCo has already signed a business partnership with Inter Change of Vanuatu on this project and my Board will approve investment into this viable project which will get IPBC approval before we begin this major communications infrastructure project linking Vanuatu to PNG, and a cable into the Solomon Islands.

"We are hopeful all will go according to plan and we launch the beginning of the undersea cable this month and work towards the launch of this service in June next year which will then be ready for the all-important APEC meeting in 2018 and other international meets and activities in the country."

Mr Kautu said PNG DataCo have begun initial discussions with the Solomon Oceanic Cable Company (SOCC) on the link into the Solomon Islands. "PNG DataCo Limited is happy to inform the people of Papua New Guinea that our calculations show that once we complete this project we will bring down significantly the costs of Internet and Data transmission and enable super speed data connectivity from the world into PNG and from PNG out."

He said PNG DataCo is happy with the outcome of discussions between the Government of Solomon Islands and PNG, adding PNG DataCo is committed to assisting SOCC also connect in the domestic market in the Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile Mr Kautu said DataCo Limited is working with PNG Power and Post PNG Limited on the domestic Fibre optics connection.

"We are connecting Fibre Optics from Madang through the Highlands region and will loop down to the Southern region through the LNG network and back into Port Moresby. We will connect all of PNG in due time and retailers such as Bmobile, Digicel, Telekom PNG and other telecommunications retailers will greatly benefit and thus bring down costs to the customers."
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