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Phone usage a concern in PNG

AN increasing number of school aged children in Papua New Guinea are showing more interest in mobile phone usage than the culture of reading books, which is alarming as it is bad for the country, an official says.
Director-general of National Libraries and Achieves Kakaito Kasi said that on Thursday at the  Buimo jail when witnessing the official launching of The Turning Point, the first ever published book containing a compilation of stories written by Buimo inmates and Correctional Service officers.
Kasi said the National Libraries and Achieves managed all publications produced in the country and in all libraries and was one of three sectors under the Education Department, including the Teachers Services Commission, which looked after the teachers, while the Education Secretary looked after the education system.
“A lot of our children are going into mobile phones and just dreaming than reading books,” Kasi said.
“In our society today, we do not spend much time on books, we lack knowledge, and our education system is falling apart.” He said the theme for the 2015 National Book Week (celebrated last week) is “Reading is Power”.
“When you read a lot you become powerful and this week the education minister actually acknowledged the contribution of the writers, the people who made sure books come out to be read,” Kasi said.
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