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Why Digicel's Internet Data run out quickly

A lot of Digicel customers in PNG  have been complaining and seeking answers from Digicel why data on their phones and moderns run out quickly even when they are not even surfing the internet.

This is how Digicel’s Head of Consumer business Mr Khattar Fehmi explains .

Mr Fehmi says the number of smart phones used by people these days has expanded and the network quality has improved significantly resulting in data running out quickly than expected.

“With the recent launching of the 4G LTE net work , the internet speed is 20x faster than a the 3G network and that alone can burn up 20 megabytes per second than the previous 3G which was slow and it could eat up 5-10 megabytes per second.”

He said people were also complaining about how slow the internet was in the past months so they had to introduce the 4G LTE which is quality and demands a lot of data.

Mr Fehmi also pointed that most smart phone users don’t know how to use their phone which is why data runs out quickly even when they are not even using the internet.
“Smart phones need to be configured and that means there are certain applications that need to be turned off at all times to avoid unnecessary usage of data” said Mr Fehmi.

Meanwhile, Mr Fehmi said the new voice prompt that reminds callers when they run out of credits is a free voice prompt without any charges so customers should not be bothered with the thought that credits are being deducted.
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