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Why you should buy Power through Easipay vending machine

THE Easipay vending machine gives more Easipay power units to customers compared to power units purchased using mobile phones, according to PNG Power Limited acting chief executive officer John Yanis.
“For instance, a minimum of K20 could purchase approximately 25 units via a vending machine while the same amount of money could afford about 19 units, as some money goes to communication companies as transaction fees,” he said in a statement.
He said PNG Power was committed to making electricity services accessible and affordable to its customers and was installing more Easipay vending machines in shops around the country.
Yanis said the vending machines were installed in retail shops in Port Moresby and other main centres.
“In Port Moresby, three new Easipay vending sites have been installed at Papindo Gerehu, TST Waigani and TST Boroko,” he said.
“We have also installed a new Easipay vending machine for customers in Finchhafen, Morobe last month. The machine is located in the PPL office. The other Easipay vending site locations in Lae are Freddy’s Supermarket, Food Mart Supermarket and the PPL office.”
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