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Mobile Companies in PNG warned to register SIM Card

MOBILE phone service operators in Papua New Guinea that fail to register their users SIM cards will be fined K50,000, Minister for Communication and Information Technology Jimmy Miringtoro has warned.
He said this during the announcement of the SIM card registration regulation last Friday in Port Moresby, that it was mandatory for all SIM cards to be registered.
Miringtoro said with the regulation coming into force, all mobile phone operators were to ensure their SIM card users’ information database systems were fully established and operational.
He said the objective of the regulation was to provide a regulatory framework for registration of all SIM card users and for the control, administration and management of users’ identification database.
He said there would be no excuses for operators not to abide by the regulations.
“A SIM card user is required to provide a valid identification card or a document and must be physically present at the place of registration,” Miringtoro said.
He said where a person did not have a valid identification card or a document, he or she must be accompanied by a registered reputable person in the community like a commissioner of oath, a member of the discipline force, a ward member, a village court magistrate or a pastor.
He said all mobile phone holders were granted a three-month grace period while existing SIM card users were given 18 months to register.
“Failure to do so will result in the SIM cards deactivated and the mobile phone service providers fined,” he said.
The National Information and Communication Technology Authority was tasked with implementing and enforcing the regulation with the help from other key government agencies.
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