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Task Force to examine Social Media in Papua New Guinea

SOCIAL and main stream media in Papua New Guinea will be scrutinized by the newly formed task force team for threats made to government, says Chief Secretary Isacc Lupari.

In a National Security Advisory Council meeting yesterday, Lupari said threats made by politicians in the media even through media statements and press conferences or from landowners are considered potential threat to national security and will come under scrutiny by the task force.

This task force that is made up by the three disciplinary forces is being set up to probe threats to internal security.

The chief secretary told a media conference yesterday that media must report facts.

While further giving clarity to the threats on national security he said no-one is stopping any one from exercising their rights to freedom of speech but they must be exercised in the confinement of laws.

"You can’t take the law into your own hands because it provide you that liberty."

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