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Telikom PNG awarded contract to roll out internet services to rural areas

TELIKOM PNG today was awarded a contract by the National Information Communications Technology Authority (NICTA) to supply and roll out internet services to rural parts of PNG under the PNG Rural Communication Project.

This World Bank funded project will see Telikom PNG roll out its new3/4G mobile internet services to rural areas in the Momase and New Guinea Islands Regions.

Telikom tendered for the Central Supply and Tenders Board (CSTB) 3336 Tender for 3G Mobile service in July 2015 and has successfully won two of the four main regions in the country.

The tender was transparent and achieved its purpose of competitive tension for services, in a market predominantly controlled by major competitors. Service qualities will improve and the cost to customers will decrease as the new GSM mobile network is rolled out.

The PNG Rural Communication Project covers the concept of the Universal Access Service (UAS).UAS  was setup by state under Section 88 of the NICTA Act to ensure under privileged, less economically feasible areas (mainly rural) would be impacted economically and socially through the use of the UAS Funds, contributed by the Telco operators and funding bodies, such as the World Bank.

With the funding to complement its 4G roll-out, Telikom is set to provide the people of PNG with the best mobile experience; the fastest, affordable and most reliable network which is in line with the fundamental requirements of the UAS.
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