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WiMAX Wireless Internet Broadband

The cheapest Internet services in Papua New Guinea are provided by Telikom PNG.   Below is simple and cheapest way of accessing Internet in Papua New Guinea. If you are interested in setting up an internet services at your  office or home, you may want to go for WiMax Wireless internet Broad provided by Telikom PNG.

What is WiMax?


WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It is a telecommunications technology that provides wireless transmission of data using a variety of transmission modes, from point-to-multipoint links to portable and fully mobile interent access.

Benefits of WiMax

QUICK SETUP & ACTIVATION: WiMAX setup and activation is done on the fly. You don't have to wait for telephone running. As we test the signal at your location, if it's strong enough the activation can take about five minutes and you can access the internet.
QUALITY CONNECTION: using WiMAX, you can make a call, email, monitor your property, or browse the web at a very good quality.
CONVENIENCE: You can move around the CPE device and get the Internet access everywhere in your home or in the office. And you can subscribe only one connection for both office and home use!
NO WIRE REQUIRED: No wire, no telephone required! You really don't have to worry about having a telephone line.
ANY CONNECTION REQUIREMENT: You can use it for security, monitoring, site to site connection and many more.
Network Coverage

At present, WiMAX is available in Port Moresby, Lae, Madang, Kimbe and Kokopo. To be rolled out into other centres soon.

Who can use WiMAX?

WiMAX is most suitable for businesses, government offices, schools, for home users, individuals, or small offices. Also those who want to use Internet at home and in the office but want to subscribe only one connection. And for those who have no phone line at the location and/or live in rental apartments. Comes in various sizes for both outdoor and in door use.

How many PCs, Phones, devices can one use over one connection?

You can connect up to 30 devices, computers, laptops, security cameras etc
Can connect to Gateway Router for LAN usage

What you need to apply for WiMAX:

Ask for the service from any Telikom Business office  around the country.   Technician usually test the signal, if it's OK, you fill in the Application Form
You can then choose whatever Plans that suits you.

Available WiMAX Packages:

Telinet is offering this service in the following speed categories

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