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Bemobile-Vodafone calls become cheaper with a launch of new product

Bmobile has launched a new product today aimed at serving the grassroots populations of this country.

Chief Marketing Officer of the company, Parag Panjwani, said in a press conference today that Bemobile-Vodafone’s focus on its customers goes all the way down to the grassroots people.
“We travel extensively around the country, meeting with people, standing at our retail outlets asking questions to our customers and actually getting their insights of what they want”.
“That is our strategy in terms of market development”.

He said with consultations from a wider audience from around the country, one particular trend of spending from their customers was identified.

“Many of our customers at grassroots level can’t afford our K7 one week unlimited calls pass”.
“Customers tend to prefer small quantities of big products, mainly to save cost”.
“This is why we introduced the K2 Day Pass”, he said.
“For only K2 you can subscribe to have 24 hours of free bmobile to bmobile calls with 5 minutes and 5 free sms to other networks”. PNGFM
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