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Mobile phones to access e-library free of charge in PNG

CHAYIL Information Technology known for its electronic library system is introducing in 2017 its wireless library into mobile phones accessed free of charge.

The innovation only requires electricity covering a radius of 250 meters with maximum of 100 users at the vicinity of installed wireless disc. Director for Chayil IT and Young Business Entrepreneur Shane Chinau said the new wireless library is accessible using mobile phones, laptops, palmtops, and computers using its very own Wifi-Installation disk known as digital library.

Mr Chinau said all information contained in the wireless library system is of human interest and are restricted to social and other sites and does not require data, megabytes, or rechargeable cards to access. "We are an IT company that is encouraging people to keep up with modern technology these days to have access to public information and documents without any cost," Mr Chinau said.

He said it is also helpful for politicians to document developments within their districts for the last five years or get to know more about their districts.

He said the service can be used in both rural and urban areas given electricity supply either from solar or main systems and is an offline operation which works without internet connections or expenses incurred for service provided.

"Apart from providing educational software we now have new additions of agricultural based software, health and medical science and an inclusive of general knowledge software," Mr Chinau said.

Mr Chinau said the new digital library is also convenient for institutions and corporate organisations to use for daily operations.

He said the site can be used to document or archive company information files based on the desired requirements.

The cost of the wireless disk is K30, 000 and has a lifespan of 40 years compared to normal internet connected disks which can cost up to more than a hundred thousand kina.

He said the new system will not only boost educational institutions.

performances but comes with new additional softwares. Post Courier/ PNG Technology News
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