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Papua New Guineans warned of Scam via Mobile Phones

Sam Kumbagerin from Maprik, East Sepik Province has become another victim of PNG’s increasing number of scam tactics in the city using mobile phones.

“The scammer asked me for personal details with regards to my BSP bank accounts, pin numbers, birth certificate numbers and other very private and personnel details,” said Kumbagerin.

BSP Chief Executive Officer Robin Fleming  told the Post Courier that BSP is not in the practice of ringing customers and asking them to deposit funds into any accounts other than the customers own accounts.

“BSP regularly warns customers about the risks associated with responding to scam text messages, scam emails or accessing bogus websites and to exercise the highest level of security with their banking details, online banking, their cards and their PIN numbers,” said Fleming.

“Our relationship managers do contact customers in the normal course of our customer interaction but as a matter of policy these discussion never involve customers placing deposits into accounts other than their own and no transaction is completed without written confirmation from the customer” said Fleming.

He added that BSP customers should never divulge their banking details to anyone they do not know. Post Courier
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