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Black Space Systems addressing Transportation issues for PNG vegetable farmers

If you have not heard of the BLACK SPACE Mobile Application then you should know that it is a newly developed system aimed at making transportation of vegetables to markets easier and cheaper for local farmers.
The system itself is a start- up program by young entrepreneurs with the assistance of Kumul Game Changes and aims to help 6, 000 local farmers in the Highland region to get their vegetables to the markets at reduced cost.
Mr. Edward Timmy, a Co-founder of the system said Black Space is an online platform that links farmers to trucking or shipping companies to utilise unused spaces in containers to Lae or Port Moresby and pay for the transportation of their good to the markets.
“The local farmers are looking for cheap transportation to get their vegetables to the markets, Black Space is their solution,” Timmy said.
The technology was created as a solution to aiding farmers to fill the available black spaces between their location and their markets by connecting farmers, logistic company and commercial customers via the Mobile App.
"Its a user friendly system where farmers can text a simple text message to order empty spaces from the logistic companies to organise a container."
The system is already out and is being tested out in Lae and the Highland region, initially with the shipment of sweet potatoes from Goroka in Eastern Highlands to Port Moresby.
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