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Papua New Guinea Technology Companies sign agreement to share information

Papua New Guinea Technology Companies, Telikom PNG , DataCo and bmobile-Vodafone have signed a non-disclosure agreement to share information, according to Kumul Telikom acting chief executive Xavier Victor, pictured.
The three State-owned entities are to merge although there will be no transfer of network infrastructure or assets.
Victor confirmed that the agreement had been signed but no network infrastructure nor assets were included in the agreement.
Last week, the PNG Communication Workers’ Union members and employees of Kumul Telikom raised their concerns over their future because of the merger.
Union president Nug Mamtirin said the board of Kumul Telikom had passed certain decisions which included the ceasing of the Mobile Virtual Network Operator.
He said there was an agreement signed between Telikom PNG Limited, bmobile-Vodafone and DataCo to transfer portions of Telkom businesses and network infrastructure, including the staff.
Minister for Public Enterprise and State Investment William Duma said the government had to transfer certain portions of Telikom business, network infrastructure, and staff to bmobile-Vodafone and DataCo Ltd to save the company.
Duma assured the workers that their jobs were secure.
He said Telikom was broke and was not making any money and the restructure was the only way to save it from the commercial banks to which it owed money.

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