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ICT Jobs in PNG : ICT & Technology Development Superintendent

This position covers several essential roles being

    ICT in the management and control of the company’s ICT needs for internal operations from the infrastructure to PC and networks. This role includes the management of the internet and the mail server operation.
    In Vehicle Management Systems (IVMS) and Fuel Management Systems (FMS) firmware development and stability in keeping all existing systems up to date and operational as well as functional across all projects and clients.
    Web Site control, maintenance and content editing of the Company Web Site.
    New system development across all technology platforms.

Skill Set:

    ICT Systems in Hardware, software and networking
    Processor based firmware management and configuration
    Maintaining user protocols across all user platforms from PC to IVMS and FMS hardware systems
    Hardware installation: Auto Electrical to Micro Processor to PC and Network
    Strong Internet server usage and configuration skills
    TCPIP connectivity and configuration skills, WIFI systems, CCTV Systems
    Man management
    Project Planning and Management

Job Functions
ICT System

MasterSystems is essentially totally dependent on ICT systems to deliver our product to our customers. The entire operation depends on Internet based servers accessed for data to provide the product. The Cor is PC (Laptop) access by our staff to the servers from where data is processed into reporting for our clients. This link needs to be maintained, optimised and controlled. This includes from housekeeping to trouble shooting and optimising and improving the systems the whole time. A strong contingent here is the disciplined control of security and usage to avoid system abuse and or damage. Adequate controls from firewalls to white paging and virus/malware protection is an essential part of this.

The company runs a fairly unsophisticated network and main frame server for data storage and backups. This includes accounting and payroll system which needs to be supported and maintained.
IVMS systems

The back bone of MST is its IVMS/GPS platform currently exclusively Mix Telematics at this stage. This is a GPS hardware structure that is configured and installed to customer vehicles to provide MST to market Fleet Management Products to clients. This whole process is managed by a principal (MIX Telematics) internet-based server from which the entire process is run from installation configuration to data storage and harvesting. IVMS GPS system models and makes determine basic database selections and setup configuration. Databases are continually updates from a principle perspective which need to be distributed to our operations. Technical staff doing installations continually depend on database integrity and training in these updates in the field.

Server Database management extends from the daily usage to secure management and administration of the over 3000 connections for smooth orderly operation. This includes smooth client operations to accurate account and billing data.
IVMS System Development

The IVMS structure at MST in always developing for new client applications and to cater for new technology developments. In this MST is always looking at new products to meet new markets and clients needs. This usually commences with finding appropriate products; Researching the products; acquiring test units; lab testing; field testing; Market development; client trials; launch to market; continued development. This process always includes a strong relationship development with the principal of the product for commissioning and trial process through to application solution. The conclusion of this process is the acceptance of the product with ordering for stock and the training of staff (Technical and operational) and clients for the use of the product.
Fuel Management Systems

Fuel management forms a critical part of our service delivery to the IVMS client base as well as as a unique system offer. Again the system is totally internet server based and requires the same diligent management and administration. The process includes FMS hardware panels/controllers deployed to sites to conduct remote issuance and inventory functions and post the data from this to the web hosted server for MST to package and sell to the clients in a Service Level Agreement product package.

Hardware platforms need to be configured onto the server database for installation to client sites to perform the designated remote control and data gathering and communication.

Fuel Management is generally a bureau based service with MST control centres monitoring and gathering data for communication to clients and to basically manage the fuel process for the client from demand planning ordering receiving and issuing accurately as well as reconciling and accounting the product.
CCTV: Access Control and Security Systems

This is becoming an expanding part of the MST customer offer and needs to be developed from customer need to supplier interface; installation; maintenance and backup support. This is also an expanding monitored service application for our control rooms to monitor camera performance as well as event monitoring such as break in or other events on camera. This market sector is unique in technology and hardware application and has need for a separated dedicated team.
Man Management

The staff structure controlled will include the whole of the ICT department to include officers controlling the internal needs of IT systems and processes and the CCTV team. For the GPS and FMS requirements there will be a staff of clerks for system administration and record keeping. Interface to the technical teams will be as a service at this stage form technical data and support and training documentation. In the longer term this position will assume line functional control of all installation and support staff.

A critical part of this position will be to develop an organisational structure of support staff justified to management to carry out this function effectively and to support the process to recruit and fill these positions

Applicants should forward their CV and references to us prior to being invited for an interview.

MasterSystem Technologies Ltd

P.O. Box 4025

Lae 411

Email: askim@mastersystems.com.pg

Phone: 472 7022


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