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Digicel PNG Launches new Post-Paid plan with more value

PNG's largest mobile telecommunications company has upgraded its Postpaid packages to add more value to its customer’s experience and budgets.

It’s a global challenge to meet every customer's demand and needs, while meeting market expectation of delivering large data plans for reduced monthly fees.  Today, Digicel has taken this challenge head on, they have listened to the PNG market.

Colin Stone, Chief Operations Officer, Digicel commented, “getting the right mix of mobile plans is not an easy task. We have taken a very bold and positive direction with our Postpaid plans. We have deleted a lot of Postpaid plans, in favor of only 4 brand new Postpaid plans. These new plans signify our commitment to meeting our customers expectation. The new plans provide a new level of value and flexibility to our customers and I can confidently say that they have been met by overwhelming support from everyone”

“It is our intention to continue to always delivering the best value, fastest network, with the broadest reach across PNG. We know we will see numerous customers considering the Postpaid option as they can now easily identify the benefits to upgrading to Postpaid” added Colin.

The new plans range from as low as K65 per month to K900 per month with a wide range of benefits, providing customers with the option to choose the plan that suits their lifestyle and budget.

These new plans provide customers a PNG first, with our rollover data benefit which ensures customer will never lose their unused data.

Digicel has promised its customers that If they don’t use all of their data in the current month, the unused data will rollover into the next month for use.
Mr. Stone continued saying, "This is all about giving the customers the best plans and best value ever. Not only will you never lose any unused data, these Postpaid plans provide you with great value Voice Calling, SMS and Data included in every plan. Our biggest plan provides you with a massive 15 GB for the month, plus all the other benefits of free call time and many other extras.

Additionally, we know many of our Postpaid customer travel overseas.  They can now travel overseas and roam worry-free while using the benefits of our Roam Like You're Home plan."

Digicel's Postpaid plans allows customers roaming abroad to use their Digicel mobile phones to make calls and send texts just as they would at home in PNG, from their monthly plan plus the full use of the data included in their monthly plan.

Digicel continues to lead the market with innovative products and services, designed to offer customers greater convenience, the best value and affordability in PNG.

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