NiuNet School Holiday Programs - Study Online in PNG

 The issue of Internet Accessibility, affordability and relevance digital learning here in Papua New Guinea is now made easier with the new Education Technology Company called Niunet.

Niunet is founded by Mr David Valentine and Rebekah Ilave, who had a common dream to solve issues around ICT that every Papua New Guineans face today especially the students.

NiuNet School Holiday Programs  - Online Study in PNG 

“Almost 3 years ago, we came up with the idea to help Papua New Guineans to have access to information with our NIUNET Box,” says Co-Founder Mr Valentine.

“NIUNET is a device that helps people download information for free and people can access our Niunet system using a smart phone, tablet, laptop or any device that can access wifi.”

This year Niunet decided to run a school holiday program for grade 10 and 12 school leavers. The Program is a self study program whereby any student that signed up with Niunet will be given access to all the materials online.

The school holiday program will start on the 16th of November, 2020 and will run for 6 weeks and its only K50.

The program will cover topics on Computing Basics, Introduction to Networking, Linux Fundamentals, Cyber Security basics and Ethics in ICT.

“All materials are on line and students will study from home and only once a week, we will meet up with our students in person and via ZOOM for students outside of Port Moresby.”

“At the end of the program, students will receive a participation certificate and there will be an optional Exam at the end of program,” said David Valentine.

He said Niunet is also running an IT program for girls called the Meritech program which is purposely for girls who want to learn basics in IT and find career paths in IT.

“I strongly encourage anyone that has a passion in ICT to come and try it out and see if it’s something you like and make an early start in building your career in ICT now.”

For more information, you can follow NIUNET face book page or instagram or email them on:


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